>My Psykeeper

>I’ve been playing Flyff, version 16 for a few months already. My server was Angelic Flyff, then I switched to Hardcore, because my close friend was playing there and he was really super ‘imba‘. I think he could do more than 200k damage? I forgot the facts.

 My recent character is a Psykeeper. So far, my best. I’ve been saddened and disappointed when my Mekaroon suit broke. I was too reckless. When I was upgrading it, I forgot to equip myself with the scroll of Sprotect. My damage for monsters used to be 15k, but has traumatically decreased to 13k… I’ve done my best, upgrading my new Psuniper (not sure how it’s spelled) and awakening it to fit my Psykeeper. I changed my fashion items, too and blessed it and unblessed it a couple of times to get the desired results. I did my best to get +INT. My INT stats increased and my attack’s now about 6000+, but I cannot understand why my damage is still 13k+ and not the former 15k+. I am doing my best and spending lots and lots of penya, but why? Why? Why?

Here is a screen shot of my Flyff character. I’m now at my max level. My PVP is still zero and I have not yet gained fame. I was gearing up for PVP with my classmates, but I know I’d bitterly lost to those guys. Unlike them, I didn’t get to experience playing it the hard way with the PH server.

You know, I always wonder why guys play better than girls when it comes to this games. I’m not being sexist and all; I know there are also ‘imba’ female players out here, but I’m speaking generally or perhaps specifically to myself. My friend Regie explained that patience is all that I need to improve and develop. Patience? Well, I have a lot of Patience… Patience in my study. Patience in school. Patience in my organization. Patience while waiting for my ride home. I know I’m a very patient person, but it did not occur to me that guys are patiente, perhaps more patient than me, when it comes to gaming.

I’m still not over the friggin’ fact that my damage decreased by 2k. 😦


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