>KAHON PAHALIPAY SA SUGBO: It’s better to give than to receive


December 22, 2010-– The Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence celebrates Christmas by distributing boxes containing Christmas presents for kids in the South. This even was participated by the members of the Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence (ALEx), representatives from those who supported our shoe box project which was launched a few weeks before the distribution day. There were participants from Cebu Doctor’s University, NSTP class of Sir Aldwin (USC), JPIA and UP.

The beneficiaries of the Shoe box Project are children living South with ages 0-12, we were going joyriding to South. The Shoe Box Project was intended to be a caravan. Hehehe, however, it turned something like a race and our jeepney was always left behind. Anyway, even if it is so, what’s important is not how the convoy or caravan went, it’s making kids happy on Christmas day.

FIRST STOP: Talisay City…

It was so difficult getting this shot. The harsh sunlight did not cooperate with our cameras. We, the photographers, took a long time finding for a good angle. This was an amateur shot. I think Kuya Arnold and Vernon got better shots with their Cannon E05.
Second STOP: Naga…

We actually had trouble with the boxes in this area. I think it has something to do with the labeling or numbering of boxes. The team was starting to get stressed and I’ve heard comments from participants saying that they were beginning to get tired and stressed out already; nevertheless, they are happy.

Third STOP: San Fernando

I successfully connected my C3 to San Fernando’s Wi Fi

The third stop is the municipality of San Fernando. Ricci Reluya, one of the members of ALEx and a participant of the Kahon Pahalipay sa Sugbo Project belongs to a political family. Up to now, there are still unresolved political issues in San Fernando. When we visited to distribute shoe boxes to children, some people misconstrue our good intentions to be political. I didn’t witness it with my own eyes, but members of the opposite political party to which Ricci belongs, harassed some members of ALEx. They thought that the Shoe box project was a political plot.

The event saddened me, but in a way it opened my eyes to the reality. You really can’t please everybody. An act of kindness may be misinterpreted and be given malice. I remember the story of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, “You can’t make a million friends without making a few enemies.” 

Obviously, Clarizza is beginning to stress herself out. Still lookin’ good, though.
Fourth STOP: Sibunga

This was the place that conducted a small program among all the others we visited. Because we were entitled to the sound system, we played tunes from our phones and magnifying the voice by microphone. We did this while distributing the gifts to the children.

The wife of the municipality Mayor of Sibunga assisted us in distributing the boxes.

Before proceeding to the Last Stop, we had a processing session and a sharing of insights and learnings. We huddled together by the shore and probably attracted attention from the residents.
Unfortunately, before my appointed photographer Ricci could take dozens of photos this time with me in it, my camera ran out of batteries. Thankfully, he was able to take this good pic of our huddle. We actually played the Boat is Sinking and ‘Bahay, bata, bagyo, baha’ after coming as one. I could feel the sand getting inside my shoes. It’s weird and uncomfortable, but I didn’t mind. I had fun. After having the last set of Bahay, bata, bagyo, baha, we merged with another group to form a group of six. We six would discuss our learnings, insights, feelings and suggestions.

Last STOP: Carcar

We only dropped by to leave the boxes. There was no interaction with the children. Unfortunately, I don’t have much picture of the place, since my batteries died. I was able to take a few shots, but at one point, I couldn’t do something with the freakin’ batteries anymore. It’s freakin’ dead.. total flat line. It was very unfortunate that my batteries had to die; Carcar was such a nice place. The architecture of the Spanish era was clearly demonstrated by the preserved ancestral houses there.

This is the Museum. I would’ve camwhored some more if it weren’t for the fact that my camera’s batteries were dead.

This is where my good friend Regie goes to High School.

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