>To My Friends this New Year

>Dear Friends,

Happy New Year.
I know that for my New Year’s resolution, there’s only one thing you’d like to change about me. I know you already love me just the way I am and maybe you’d serenade me with Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are for New Year, I know that you want me to become more careful with my things. That would mean no breaking and no losing them. As Wendy would put it in Bisaya, “If dili mawala, maguba. If dili maguba, mawala.” 
I know I might have done some mistakes, like, destroying the mouse Michael got me for Christmas on Christmas day and losing Nicole’s blue telephone wire hair tie when I borrowed it or destroying my not-even-two-month-old green earphones that you’d guessed right–did not last long, did not even reached Januaray. I even made you jump in worry whenever I announced that I seem to have misplaced my cellular phone, and for that I’m sorry. I’m thankful, though, that you do not leave me alone, and you stay behind me in the classroom to help me search for my things. I’m sorry for having such contagious diseases that even you guys started exhibiting the same symptoms, like Nicole losing her water jug, Miko misplacing his book anywhere and Kate and Mennie leaving things behind in the cafeteria and having to walk down from the fourth floor to the cafeteria to retrieve them back. To Wendy, I have nothing to say to you, because you’re quite immune. Thanks, though for saying ‘Jammi, *with matching protruding of the lower body* nasad? Kung dili mawala, maguba. If dili maguba, mawala.’ Thanks guys, for even betting on the month I’d lose or destroy my cellular phone and for having faith in me that at least it will reach December (Some friends you are). In the future, I hope not to destroy the tumbler that the guys Miko, Badjie, Regie, Ken and Michael gave me.
I could not explain this phenomena. I am innately clumsy, I guess. I have a case of short-term memory loss, although I could not forget which ion has a charge of two because of ‘SirMagenZen’ or Sr, Mg, Zn. I probably won’t remember your birthdays, if not for FB, and I’d probably lose or destroy the things you gave me. Okay, I sound such a hopeless case, but I’m deeply sorry for being this way. I value your gift, but I’m just jinxed. :C
Now that I think of it, we weren’t really friends that long. We met last June, but got together as friends in the later July, and maybe even later than that. I’ve known you for barely a year, but it seems I have known you long enough to feel so at home. The year is about to end, but I can see picture us still together in the years ahead. (And sorry, Nicole, we’ll be stuck with these people for a very long time.) I don’t want to flatter you, but since I do this rarely, I’d say honestly that the reason I look forward to going to school, even if I dislike PE or think NSTP is such a hassle, is I have you guys. Even if we stare into space, or sleep or fall into silence, it’s not boring at all. With you, there are no dull moments. Cheesy, but true. (Have I swallowed one whole keso de bola? 
So many things will change this 2011. If there’s one thing I can assure you, changes will inevitably happen. I can imagine a better version of myself–prettier and less clumsy, maybe, a less feeler Kate, a less torpe Miko, a slimmer Nicole (hahaha, Nicole), a more attentive Mennie (which means no more Mr. Solitaire when we’re dining), a more open Badjie, a less annoying Dennis (stop poking me), a more considerate Michael (which means be a little sensitive and aware of your surroundings), a less erratic Ken (stop hiding behind doors and scaring people), a sexier Darrel (flaunt your assets, hehehe. Joke)  and of course, a richer Donya who will hopefully share us her many, many blessings. To Regie: I could not think of anything to change, but please do retain your good traits, such as being religious and sensitive. I hope that these changes won’t break our friendships, and I hope it will patch and complement our gaps and lapses, instead of tearing them apart.
With love,
Jam or Jammi or Jammeh or Janelle… (depending on how you call me)\
PS: Don’t get too much flattered. I’m also flattering you, so you could flatter me back. Friendship is all about mutualism anyway. 😀

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