My Green Obsession

It’s my obsession with the color green that I’ve decided on collecting frog stuff toys.
Why frogs when teddy bears are much cuter? Simple. The fact that frogs are
green and probably because I’m a Med Tech students and in Zoology, we
study a lot about frogs and their morphology because they closely
resemble to that of the human’s.
Aside from the frog stuff toys. I also have other frog merchandises like
a Frog bag, a frog bag mini pouch where I place my make up kit.
I have a frog pouch and my ball pen has this cute frog around it.
These are my other green stuffs. My green fan, where I drew a frog.
My green Urbanearz mini-headphone, green alcohol spray and sanitizer,
green wallet, green watch, green telephone wire hair tie, green
ball pen, green swirly designs on my phone.
A close up of my Gtec Pen with this cute little froggie
wrapped around the pen cover.

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