Tales of Fire and Water

Running out of other ideas for a folk dance that is suitable for both genders, I decided that our PE group would dance the famous ‘Pandanggo sa Ilaw’. This was the most popular folk dance aside from the Cariñosa and the Tinikling, but this wasn’t chosen by the other groups because of the danger and difficulty dancing with a lighted candle.

But like fire, we were burning hot with determination to ace this midterm presentation. We were upset by the score 37 out of 50 given by our teacher on our last practical examination. But… Pandanggo sa Ilaw isn’t as easy as it sounds or looks. We were going to dance with candles and sure when lighted they are hot; our costumes are hot, too and for a fact that we are hot ourselves, we were worried we were going to burn. Haha!

Okay, practice didn’t run really smooth. We practiced for two days–Thursday and Friday. On the first day, we practiced without the candles, so we really didn’t feel the difficulty of the dance yet. It was on the second day when we realized that our dance isn’t really simple as it may seem. The guys arms made cracking sounds (which we find amusing) when they tried to do this simple twisting while holding the candle. One of us broke the candle when she tried to balance it on her head. When we finally tried dancing with the candles lighted, it was agony trying to dodge the dripping melted wax and it was painfully hot when it touched our hands. We had to practice plastering smiles on our faces even if the wax hurt us already. Instead of doing the counting, we were simultaneously yelping ‘ouch’, then we had to stop dancing so that we could carve out the wax.

The Wet Look: (from L-R) Me, Sexy Darrel and Kate. Hahaha. Even if it was flooding and pouring hard. Here we are camwhoring.

On the Saturday, we went to claim our costume. It was also the day of the procession. My family was waiting in Jones to wait for the Sto. Niño image, so I had to walk from there to San Diego. It was okay. The weather was still fine, although a bit cloudy. It was when we reached San Diego that it started pouring hard. Unfortunately,the edifice was close. What terrible luck! What was worse was walking back to Jones in the rain and having to soak our shoes in the flood and having to shrug off a cockroach that landed on my ankle and deciding where to pass after deciding not to walk through the dirty black almost-knee length flood. No costume claimed on that day. Thankfully, with Donya’s charm (my classmate Wendy), she was able to get the costume on a Sunday, despite San Diego being really busy with post-Sinulog stuffs.

Monday–we realized that we only came to school for PE (Yes, we had classes because our school wasn’t a Catholic institution nor was it part of Cebu City). The rest of the classes that day, were cancelled. We polished our moves, broke two more candles and worried about the sound system. The music I had in my phone was too soft, I had to ask my mom to bring my laptop over to school so I can convert the music to mp3 file and amplify it. We practiced smiling, so that we’d look like professional dancers and not like clowns.

My costume was sort of tight in the chest part, because the
cut was higher than where it should be. I was sort of conscious.
Gaaah! I did look hot in this costume. Not in a hot–sexy kind of way,
but hot as in hot-tempered.
With stress written over my face, I still plastered my best smile. We must’ve looked really nice because our teacher was smiling the whole time we were dancing. Although, I could see her eyebrows creased from time to time, worried that our candles would fall from our heads.
From L-R: Reymar, Michael, Wendy aka Donya, Me with a goofy plastered smile,
the Sexy Darrel, Eufeenie, Kate and Boss Lorraine: these are my hot groupmates.
And WE DID IT!!! No mistakes, No breakages, None! We all did get perfect scores. Congratulations, guys.
I entitled this post ‘Tale of Fire and Water’, because of everything we went through with our practices– Our two-day plus Monday practice for just a four-minute presentation. We suffered thanks to the candle’s wrath and the hot melted wax and got drenched in the rain and soaked in black water, all for a midterm practical exam.


the Cariñosa Ladies: L-R: Nicole, Karen, Mennie, Paula, Sam and Dimple
Who’s the fairest one of all? None of the above, right? Well, that’s because
I’m not in the picture.
The whole BSMT1A Class… Arranged from the pretties (in front) to the ahem (back people).
Take a look at those three guys in Barong Tagalog. Are they ready to sing the
National Hymn? Handa Awit!
Me, Michael, Reymar and Bea. Michael and Reymar aren’t gay.
These are my best Frenemies: From Left to Right: Nicole, Kate, Mennie, Miko, Regie, Me
And the fair Chinese below Nicole Donya Wendy. Take note of Miko’s Chiseled body…
Look at those ABStract.

All photos credits to Nicole, except the photo with us in the wet look. 😀


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