NSTP Muddy Trek

>January 29, 2011 was a very busy and vigorous NSTP day. The class was divided into two groups. Team Pura and Team Serve-ivors get to stay in the campus to make phone calls and canvass for the prices of the construction materials needed for our major NSTP project which was the construction of the Health Center in barangay Ekasig. My team, Team F.A.I.T.H. and Team Excelsoir rode on a bus to Ekasig with a mission of finding beneficiaries for the Vermiculture and Gardening project, respectively.

I thought at first the job was going to be simple and many would be interested in participating in the project since the Vermiculture project would surely give the residents extra income. However, it wasn’t simple as I thought it would be. The road to Ekasig was a pit of mud. Luckily, I was in my rubber shoes and I thank myself for my common sense of wearing them instead of my Chuck Taylor. 
This was how muddy Ekasig was. 
This was what happened to our shoes. hahaha.

Many are called, but few are chosen. We went from house to house asking beneficiaries for our project, but we only had five names listed. Residents seemed not interested in our project. Is it too much of a hassle for them? I wonder why they wouldn’t grab the opportunity handed to them in silver platter? They could really use the financial help.


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