To Muslim Guy

Dear Muslim Guy,
I have to admit that I was mesmerized the first time I saw you. It was because you reminded me so much of someone I know. Though you’re much taller and fairer, there is still a resemblance.
I was disappointed to find out you’re a Muslim, in contrast to me who’s a devout Catholic. Now, my fantasies are limited because I cannot imagine having you as my boyfriend and taking you to church with me anymore nor can I imagine a church wedding presided by a bishop. Yet again, I never fantasized about you (That’s so typically not me.) But in case I like you more seriously, these are things I cannot fathom. I have to admit I think I like you. Whenever I see you in the cafeteria, I cannot help turn my head to your direction and smile at the sight of you. Even my guy friends think I am a different person in your presence.
I hear that you sing really well. I hope I could listen to that voice one day. The song might not be dedicated for me or to my God, but I’d like to listen, anyway. I hope you’d accept my friend request in Facebook and I hope we’d have a chance to get to know each other, maybe through chat, then through text.
You’re what I call my happy crush. And I’m glad you’re there as a distraction from my other dilemmas.

4 thoughts on “To Muslim Guy

  1. Ayeee… in lab much? ♥♥♥ You have to know that love knows no boundaries. I have friends who got together even if they don’t have the same faith. Wish you all the best in this love endeavor of yours jammy.

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