Day 4: Letter to your sibling

Dear Jizbeth,

Sometimes you give me enough reason to commit murder. Sometimes you create moments to be cherished. Sometimes you make me feel lucky to be your sister. Sometimes you make me wish I was an only child. Our sibling relationship is like a roller coaster. I would define it as a love-hate relationship, like a cat and a dog’s.

I really hate getting into a fight with you because it’s always me who has to step down since I’m the eldest and I should be the ‘understanding’ and ‘patient’ one. I hate it if you rob me off my internet privileges or ask me to do your freakin’ homework. But I couldn’t imagine not having you as a sister. I couldn’t imagine living without someone to share my obsessions with Kdramas and romcoms, or without someone to slap and to hit when I get super kilig watching them. I could not imagine not having someone to listen to my funny stories about my classmates or my stories about myself. I could not imagine who to ask for the first opinion when I finished a story or a poem and I badly needed a proofreader. I could not imagine not having someone to critic over my fashion sense. I could not imagine not being a sister at all, Yes, I loathe you sometimes, to the core of my bones, but even if I don’t feel like admitting it. I love you.

Ate Jam


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