>When God created Adam and Eve, they were naturally good. However, it was Eve, lured by the snake, tempted Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. That was how sin came to be…

In the Greek Mythology, it was the first woman Pandora who brought in sin to the world.
These stories are just reflections of how women are perceived in the modern world…
The sad reality confronts us. To most people, women are equated to vessels, or to put simply toys that men can collect and play with. In the ancient times, women are held as battle tokens. They’ve been sadly dehumanize to the same status as the pet animal. Even if the world has evolved, and now, women can finally study and work, there are still some parts where discrimination, ambiguous or unambiguous, is still there.
Here are World facts:
– Two-thirds of the world’s 876 million illiterates are women
– 4 million women & girls are sold into prostitution each year
– 500 million will suffer from rape or attempted rape
– Women and children make up 75% of the world’s refugees
– Of almost half of all AIDS cases worldwide, 70% in Africa are women
– Women produce 80 percent of the food in Africa, yet receive 5% of food aid
– Muslim women are punished for being raped, unless the rapist himself confesses or if there are four male witnesses. If the woman testifies of being raped, it is like confessing she had sex, which is considered adulterous.
– The passage of a law in Afghanistan asking Muslim women to unconditionally submit to the sexual whims of their husbands once in four days is a shocking piece of legislation that seeks to dehumanize women reducing them to mere chattels devoid of human rights.
The China‘s leading headhunter,, reported in 2007 that the average salary for white-collar men was 44,000 yuan ($6,441), compared with 28,700 yuan ($4,201) for women.

Some Generalized Verisimilitudes:
– It is forgivable for men to commit adultery; however, for women, it is not…
– If the daughter is successful, credits go to the father. If she becomes pregnant before marriage, the blame goes to the mother.
– If men makes a move on the girl, it’s sweet and romantic. If the women make the move first, she’s considered desperate. Sometimes, it’s unfair.
– Men can go to nightclubs. If women do, it’s scandalous.
– Media portray women as tools for men as exhibited by beer commercials… What’s up with women and beer?

Conclusion: Although Adam was created before Eve, both of them are equal in God’s eyes. SO TO SPEAK, the equation is not men>women, but rather it is, men=women. We have to do something about this maltreatment of women around the world. Although, it’s sort of impossible since double standard morality is inculcated in the mindset of the people.

To counter my male friend’s motto, “MALE DOMINANCE!” is “FEMALE SUPREMACY!”

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