Day 5: Letter to your Dreams

Dear Dreams,

When I was making this letter, I was confused which dreams to address to. Would it be my cute, short and memorable night dreams, the well-crafted imagined daydreams or the dreams that meant longterm and futuristic.

To night dreams:

Sometimes, dream, you are weird. Sometimes, you are nice and sometimes, you just can’t be interpreted. I, however, believed that you are the involuntary voice of my subconsciousness. You are the voice that is waiting to vent out and you’re probably the voice that is more honest that my consciousness. I just can’t find the explanation for most of your occurrence, but I know you’re trying to tell me something.

To my daydreams: 
You are my best friend. You keep me company when I’m bored. Though sometimes, you’re far-fetched and just sometimes you’re the opposite of the reality, I like you very much because through you, I get to exercise my creativity. It’s through you that I have the best ideas when I work on something like a drawing, a story or a poem. I hope that you and I will remain best friends because sometimes–no, most of the time, you are just better than reality.

To my longterm and futuristic dream:
Dreams, sometimes you’re so elusive. I used to envision you vividly when I was a kid. I used to imagine myself so well when I’d be 25 or 30. It’s only going to be a few years from now that I’d be 25 or 30, but ironically, the vision I had when I was younger is vaguer now. I guess at 17, I’m no longer the dreamer you used to know. I’m more focused now on the present than the future. I hope that you’d enlighten me and help me envision the path that I’m going to take, because one day, when I achieve you, I want to feel satisfied and fulfilled.



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