So That It’s not Obvious

You’re crushing on someone. Be it your neighbor, your classmate or a senior. You know yourself that you’re too weak and predictable. Your greatest fear is getting discovered. So that it’s not obvious this is what you do…

…. You wait a little longer before you reply his messages so that you’d not give him the impression that you’re anticipating his replies

….. You end the conversation when  it’s already late at night, even if what you want was to talk to him until you drop off to sleep.

….. When you want to go out with him, you invite his friends first (of course, in his presence) and make it seem that you’re only inviting him out of courtesy, when in fact, you don’t care if his friends come, you just cross your fingers he’s coming.

….. You’d stick to the same texting format because he replies to that.
example: My ex-crush would always reply to group messages with, ‘What’s up?’ in the end. He’d always sarcastically like “the ceiling,” or “the sky”. Since then, everytime I group message, I’d always put ‘What’s up?’ every after greetings and hoped that he’d reply with another silly remark.

…… If GMs(group messages) don’t work, you always try to find an excuse to PM (personal message) him. Be it a text message about school or a seemingly urgent inquiry.

…… When you talk and he looks at you intently, you’d pretend you’re uninterested because if you pay attention to him, you’d probably turn pink and hyperventilate. When he’s so close while speaking with you, you’d fiddle with your cellular phone or pretend to be fixated on something else. If you stare back at him, you know that your eyes, the windows of your soul, would give your secret away.

…… You placed a password on your phone so that no one can access your inbox and discover that you’ve been saving his messages.

……. You look at him only with the corners of your eyes. (Luckily, a women’s vision is 180 degrees)

……. If he’s behind you, you pretend to adjust your bag or to look for your friend just to sneak a little peak at him.

Your friend instantly turns to you and is like
And you’re just like,


2 thoughts on “So That It’s not Obvious

  1. >wow… im so happy someone has finally discover3ed my blog aside from my friends. hehehe. and i appreciate your comments very much. thank u….

  2. >I can't stop smiling so I don't know where to start.First thing, I'm glad I happen to stumble upon your blog. FYI: I only learned the word soliloquy yesterday when I started reading Wuthering Heights and here you are using it. I have a feeling your much younger than me so that's definitely impressive. 🙂 OT: can't agree more with this "so that it's not obvious" scenes you pointed out. I disagree though with us women having a 180 degrees vision. I think we have 360. I think sometimes even though I have my back on the door, I can still figure out it's him who entered. But yes, what's wrong with us girlies? Why do we have to nonchalantly act as if we are not affected by their presence? 🙂

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