>When Things Go from Bad to Worse to Maybe Worst


All these of course are based on true story. Most of them are my embarrassing moments and some of them are my classmate’s, but of course, I won’t specify which ones are mine. 

Bad: When someone you do not know says hi to you and you reluctantly say hi back. You plaster on a smile and fight not to furrow your eyebrows as you try to recall who on earth  this person is and where on earth you met him.
Worse: The stranger wasn’t actually saying hi to you, but to the person behind you.
Bad: When your friend confides to you about her crush and her crush happens to be the same person you’re starting to like.
Worse: You hinted to this guy that your friend likes him and you discover he likes her, too. (Ouch)
 Bad: When you called your classmate’s phone and panicked when her fluent English-speaking mother   answered it and you made a fool by stammering in broken English and by hanging up without a proper goodbye.
Worse: Her mother recognized your voice and happened to know you’re the class valedictorian.
Bad: When you  joked and nobody laughed.
Worse: When you set to magnify a friend’s embarrassing moment (above) but it backfired because nobody was paying attention to you. In the end, you were more embarrassed than your friend.
Bad: When you’re stuck in one of the comfort room’s cubicle
Worse: When you tried helping your friend get out of the cubicle she’s stuck in but you ended up kicking the wrong cubicle
Worst: (Thank God this didn’t really happen.) When there was someone else (a stranger with unfinished business) inside the cubicle you kicked. 
Bad: When you’re sister posted a ridiculously funny stolen shot of you washing your face with your eyeliner all smudged up.
Worse: She tagged your common friends
Worst: One of your friends saved your mortifying picture and used it to blackmail you
Bad: When you stumbled down the sidewalk and scathed your precious knee
Worse: Two strangers witnessed your fall.
Worst: You happened to be a tall college Medical Technology Student and not a clumsy seven-year-old kid