Karaoke @ Redbox

Karaoke is  tradition already in our family. Everytime there is a party in the house, be it a birthday bash, a fiesta or a Christmas party, a karaoke machine is never absent. I’m not really a good singer, but I fell in love with karaoke-ing, anyway.
Darrel and Cagwin upon entering Redbox

Ever since I found out from a friend that Redbox takes your karaoke experience to a whole new level with their up-to-date songs, I have been dreaming of karaoke-ing with my karaoke fanatic buddies at Redbox. Other karaoke bars do not have yet the groovy Katie Perry songs or the upbeat Dynamite by Taio Cruz. Some karaoke bars do not even distinguish the existence of my favorite bands, The Script and The Click Five. But Redbox has songs that you will not find in the usual drop-a-five-peso-coin-karaoke machine.

On the 18th of March, my dream was fulfilled. Because our Mt. View trip was cancelled, my buddies and I decided to go to Redbox instead. Some were hesitant because Redbox was quite expensive (Happy Hour was 199php, excluding tax), but they did come anyway. After four hours of dancing, singing or screaming, those who hesitated at first sighed in relief. All of us had to agree that that was one of the best times and the 218 pesos we paid was truly worth it.

It was difficult using the remote control at first, but its not difficult to get use to it.

Raise your glasses. Compliment Drinks: Iced Tea

Go Kate!!! Party like 2012!

But in the end, it’s not the up-to-date songs and not the comfort of Redbox that makes that 218 pesos worth it. Rather, these are the bonds we have as friends, the laughters we shared, the dances we danced together and the songs we sang or screamed to the microphone. These were the things that made the experience truly  fun and unforgettable.
I love Redbox, but I love my pals MORE.

Credits to Kate and Cagwin for the photos

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