Paintballin’ with Girl friends

Once upon my college life, my friends and I were bored and we wanted to do something with our time together. Hitting the malls and going window shopping were tedious now. Hitting the beach was not an option on a breezy, cloudy and sometimes rainy February and March. But we were all determine to find something to do. Thus, someone came  up with the idea that we play Paintball!
Paintball is a sport wherein players in teams compete to eliminate opponents by shooting capsules containg paint that is propelled from a gun actually called paintball maker. It’s just probably like airsoft, but less painful.

Equipments: Paintball maker and mask
For two Sundays, the paintball was postponed because of our arch-nemesis: the rain! Because we thought that maybe Sunday was just a jinxed day for a paintball, during our third postponement, we moved our game on a Friday.
Wendy and I trying to device a strategy
It’s funny how Wendy and I always partner up when both of us are nearsighted. We both couldn’t see who we were targeting from afar.
This was the gamesite. If it would have rained, it would be all muddy and slippery.



Sexy Darrel and Friends (LOL!) or the Green Team: L-R: Darrel, Cagwin, Bea and Mikae
Sizzling Hot Pata or the Black Team: L-R: Wendy, Me, Kate, Karen, Hainey

For the whole game, we were entitled with 50 bullets. The game was divided into three rounds and the bullets were divided thrice. Elimination of the first two rounds was when you get hit by your enemy or comrade or when you run out of bullets. We got to design the mechanics of the third round. We decided that a ball be placed at the center of the gamesite and the goal of each teams was to bring that ball to their respective bases without getting hit, of course. Once you’re hit by the enemy, you can still return to the game only if you tap a certain portion of the base. Anyway, the winning team is determined by the fate of the ball and to whose base it will be brought to, but funnily, nobody minded it. Everyone was too preoccupied evading and propelling paint capsules. Nobody seem to think of a way to advance to the center of the gamesite to get the ball. Nobody but Wendy…. Hahaha! She just crept her way to the middle of the site and nobody noticed her until she declared victory for our team.

Our game clearly demonstrated why men are more efficient soldiers than women. Hahaha. Probably, if we were guys, we would have advanced at each other without a care of getting hit. I guess women are that different from men when it comes to war and games. Men are offensive players and women are defensive players.

It was fun playing paintball, but it was heck tiring crawling from one tire to another.

I cannot say whether I want to play paintball again, but I would want to witness my guy classmates play and differentiate them from how we girls play.

Credits to Cagwin for the photos


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