Ten Jeepney Awkward and Funny Moments

1. When you’re sitting beside a girl whose unruly long hair flies to your direction and prickles your face
2. When you’re sitting beside someone who keeps on fidgeting his broad shoulders
3. When you’re sitting nearest to the driver and conductor and the passengers hand to you their fare and you remember that Safeguard commercial about money from strangers being so dirty

4. When you’re sitting across a couple who smooches each other everytime the jeepney stops (So PDA!)

5. When you’re sitting right across a hottie or even worse, beside him!
 6. When you’re wearing low rise pair of jeans (hipster), and your butt crack is being exposed
7.  When the guy across you is staring at you like you have some big zit on your nose

8. When you forgot to pay and the driver/conductor confronts you

9. When you’re sitting across someone you think you know and you’re confused whether you should say hi to him or not

10. When you fell asleep and the next thing you know you just missed your stop

4 thoughts on “Ten Jeepney Awkward and Funny Moments

  1. >I tried number 5! I was in the middle of 2 couples! It was horrible. 😀 Miko can relate to the first, that's why he never sits beside me.

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