>Day 8- Your favorite Internet Friend


Dear Dawn Sweet,

I enjoy chatting with you so much. We are complete strangers to each other, but we talk as if we’re close friends. We both come from different countries and have different cultures, but we have so many things in common, like our love for books, DBSK and Gossip Girl. Sometimes, I wonder that maybe we’re long lost sisters or something, because it’s very unusual that we think so alike.

I really admire you. Talking to you is just like having a conversation with my close friends, but sometimes you’re way funner than them. I love our smart and witty conversations. I love knowing about your perspectives and finding out we think alike. I love spamming your crunchyroll page and getting spams from you, too. I love our roleplaying and I love our discussions about books, movies and of course our favorite topic: DBSK.

We weren’t able to keep in touch this past two years. We were both very busy with our own personal lives. It’s nice though to have a chat with you again on your birthday. I hope we can have the chance again in the future.



This was your crunchyroll profile. Hahaha. I went back to crunchy after two years of absence just to take screenshots

This was me spamming your crunchryoll page with comments.
This was you spamming my Crunchyroll page.


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