>Froggie Snaps


I don’t think my efficient camera could imitate the sharpness of a DSLR.This photo came quite nice, though. I used ISO setting for this.

Okay, it was on the 22nd of March that I decided to create a phtoblog, once I get a DSLR. I told my friend about it and she said that I do not need to own a DSLR to become a photoblogger. Taking her advice, I decided to be my amateur photographer self and snap these pictures. I didn’t have anyone to model me of course because I was freakin’ alone at home, and it was freakin’ boring. I just made use of what I have in my room–My frog collections.

This is really cute. It’s like a His and Her Froggie Pair. I hope I’ll meet my match somedayand I hope he doesn’t look like a frog, but contrary to that, he looks like a prince.
Now you can see how obsess I am with frog stuff toys. I even lost count of how many there are.

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