>Pino Eat All You Can


My uncle and auntie, their friends, my parents and me

March 23 is my uncle’s birthday. We were invited to eat dinner out at Pino! Eat all you can restaurant. Being an aspiring and frustrated photographer, I took this chance to do some food photography. At home, I had only frogs to photograph; I might as well take this opportunity to photograph other things.

Drool! Lechon is really sooo yummy.

This dish is called Roll Mop Fish Fillet and I loved it. I had to go back twice to the buffet table because I couldn’t get enough of it. I like how the taste of bacon (Yes! There’s bacon.)  blended with the fillet of fish and the sauce of what seemed like gravy. It’s like eating Bacon Wrapped siomai, only it’s fish.
 I wish I could have this again on Friday which is fasting and abstinence day, but then that wouldn’t make it sacrificing anymore if you have to give up delicious meat for something scrumptious, too.

I have two shots of the chandeliers of different light setting and angle. Which of these two look better? Leave a comment below for your answers.

I just captured this shot out of boredom, but I liked how it turned out. I used a different setting for lighting in this one.
outside the restaurant

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