>This was how my friends describe me


source: chibird @ Tumblr.
disclaimer: I do not own this artwork.

Hahaha! I can’t disagree, though, because this is really so like me.

I’m even sorry my friends had to bear with my clumsiness and forgetfulness. For the 2011 New Year, I made a resolution to not to lose, forget or break things, but it seems that my resolution has not been actualized by me. I still lose things, like the common thing I lost for the past months was my Gtec pen. It’s the Froggie Pen–The Pen I value so much because it has this limited edition froggie stuff toy that hugs the cover.

It’s this special pen I lost!!!

Thankfully, I hadn’t lost my sanity over losing such thing. I, however, lost my WORD of Honor, because I wasn’t able to carry out my New Year’s Resolution.

Hahaha. Check out this letter I wrote to my friends on the New Year. In it was my promise to resolve this issue. LINK

I’m such a total epic failure. >,<


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