>Five Things I love About Tumblr!


I just fell in love with TUMBLR!

1. Everything that I want to express, everything that I feel, that I encounter or experience, that I want, that I need, that I agree or disagree about, and almost everything about me is in Tumblr.

When I want to connect with my inner feelings, I reblog posts from bottled tears and jarred smiles.
When I want to laugh out loud, I reblog posts from chibird.
When I want to be inspired, I reblog posts from pics and quotes
When I want random and cute stuffs, I reblog posts from makemestfu.
When I want to see poignant photographs, I reblog posts from fuckyeahphotography.

Basically, almost all the moods and interests I have are captured and recapitulated in TUMBLR!

2. It allows me to share my insights, views and opinions with my friends: Bea, Darrel, Kate  and Nicole. All, with the exemption of Bea are noobs to Tumblr.

3. There are a lot of talented artists and photographers in Tumblr, and I enjoy viewing, appreciating and reblogging their works.

4. In Tumblr, your identity does not matter so much. You can go anonymously with a codename or a nickname and you need not place information like your birthday, address, etc. Because Tumblr does not require you to give away those information  unless you want to, Tumblr allows you to rant and vent out whatever there is to vent out and say what you need to say. You do not even have to write everything in your own words. You can just reblog a posts that coincides with the emotion you have. Your followers might care or might not care what your drama is, but the important thing is, you’re identity and privacy is protected.

5. Tumblr enhances your creativity. I for one am challenged to create original posts: shout outs, quotes or photographs that captures the interest of my followers.

You can follow me at tumblr. Click the picture for it leads to my page.

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