Random Shots because of Boredom

>Here are the products of my boredom. Still, I have no other models but the things around me. I do not own a very picturesque garden and my camera could not capture with graceful contrast the hues of my targets, so I don’t think these photos will appeal at all to you.

These birds were perched on the electrical wire.

These are my lame shots. Haha! It was practically raining when I took these shots. I thought that the rain could make these random photographs more poignant, it probably did. Only a little.
Tomorrow is March 25, Miko’s birthday. I hope to get good shots that are worth blogging. I’m bringing my camera tomorrow not just to capture Miko’s facial expression when he receives his gift (We’re buying him Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Book, because that’s what he wants), but also to find good shots of whatever random things I can find.

2 thoughts on “Random Shots because of Boredom

  1. >These pictures are beautiful. You are talented and you don't need a good camera to show how good you are, a dlsr may enchance the shots. But if you have no talent you're just a person with an expensive camera. Believe in your talent just like i do.

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