>Surprising Miko with an Ambush and a Not-so-surprising Gift


25th of March, Miko’s birthday–My friends and I met in Ayala at 11am. We bought the cake first, then the candles and the Happy Birthday sign at Hannah’s, then, we headed to National Bookstore to get Miko what he wanted all along–The Harry Potter: Deathly Hollows Book. My friends were gleefully chirping about how Miko would react when he receives his present. The book was what he wanted all along when he started getting hooked to Harry Potter. He actually just finished reading all the first six books, all books he borrowed from his classmates. It was his plan to buy 7th installment, but he need not buy one anymore, because we got him what he wanted.

But then… It wasn’t much of a surprise anymore. Well, it isn’t anymore thanks to me, the clumsiest and most ungraceful person you’ll ever encounter. Funny how I was the mastermind of the surprise and at the same time the klutz who ruined it. I guess it was two days ago, when I accidentally slipped out to Miko we were getting him that book. I’m embarrassed to say, but I accidentally did that. I was thinking of what our circle of friends would do on Miko’s birthday; I was thinking of what present we should get him and then I remembered Miko not having read  the 7th book of the Harry Potter yet, so immediately I sent a group message to my friends, saying, “Let’s get Miko HP7 book.” I pressed send, and I forgot one tiny, very, very important detail. I forgot to exclude Miko from my group message list. I left my phone while I attended to my laptop but when I checked it to see if the sending was done, Miko’s name appeared on the screen and I  realized I hadn’t excluded him. I cancelled the sending of the message right away. But it was too late… darn it. He had received the text message!
My friends upon knowing I sort of ruined the surprise frowned at me but laughed at my clumsiness, too. All of them knew something like that would happen. That was a Jam-thing.
Okay, back to the surprise. We walked from Ayala to Miko’s place. Thinking it was difficult to locate his house, we asked the store where the Casas’s live. They said they live a little bit forward and upon advancing, we came across two routes. Which one are we going to take?
Wendy, Darrel and Michael
We decided to buy first a box of matchsticks without a knowledge that the store before us where we actually bought matchsticks from, was the store Miko usually complained of watching over. Hahaha! We were standing right outside Miko’s place.
As we prepared our surprise like lighting the candles of the birthday cake, the lady in charge of the store went to call for Miko. He went like, “Unsa man te? (What is it?)”, and discovered us standing right outside his house. The shock on his groggy and lazy face was priceless. He was in his jersey, in shorts and had not taken a bath yet (Hahaha!) and he bounced like he was seven years old and not seventeen! The excitement and delight he felt was demonstrated by how scarlet he turned and how shrill his voice was.
Miko was frowning because we had come without a warning. Still, a camwhore that he was, he posed for the camera when I aimed this shot at him. Well, if clumsiness was a Jam-thing, camwhoring was such a Miko-thing.
The surprised yet distraught Miko upon discovering us outside his house
Are those tears I see glittering on your eyes?
Miko upon opening the not-so-surprising-because-of-my-GM gift
A slice of cake and a shot of two vain people
Happy Birthday, Miko. I know how pleased you are for that thoughtful and wonderful not-so-surprising-because-of-my-GM surprise. I also know that you are quite displeased in a funny way, of course, because we ambushed you in the wrong time (You had not taken a bath yet. Hahaha!) Anyway, I’d like to say in behalf of the others, how lucky and happy we are to have you–a vain, nerdy, lazy, assuming but caring and thoughtful friend. Of course, you should be proud to have us as your friends. We’re pretty/handsome, smart and sexy (Darrel), but we could never be prouder to have you as our friend, ummm, exclude the times when you’re embarrassing us in public by doing a goofy dance. Hahaha.  Yes, though you’re the vainest person we know, you bring light and joy to the atmosphere. Things would be dull without you. (Don’t get flattered, punk!)
Belated Happy Birthday. May God bless you always!
I promised to take pictures of whatever random things I could find. This was the only shot that I think is worth marking my signature Janelle Moran Photography. The rest of the shots are just poor attempts. Haha! I got this shot from Miko’s balcony.

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