Nature Shots

>I think I’ve found the field in photography I’d like to venture.

March 28-30, 2011, I volunteered myself a documentor for the Kool Adventure Camp (KAC) in lieu of the Young Minds Academy (YMA) Season 5 and Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI). I used to be a participant of the camp, and now, I’m part of the staff.

The camp took place in BSP Camp. It was a very nice place. It was scenic and peaceful and so in touch with nature. I took the opportunity of enhancing my amateur photography skills. My shots were aimed at trees, the sun’s light and everything so natural that’s there.

I don’t really like capturing shots of people because they can be really difficult, especially when you’re using a digital camera which shutter speed could not just capture the moment just in time. I found a liking to taking shots of nature and trees. I guess I like landscape photography than photojournalism or fashion (the latter I haven’t tried. The former? I wasn’t very successful and yet again, that was using a digital camera)

I love taking shots of leaves. Hahaha. Haven’t you noticed

Nature’s really beautiful, isn’t it? I had plenty of time in camp to appreciate the beauty of nature.

I like this tree. I wonder how old it is.
 I wanted to climb, but decided against it. Hahaha.

More pics of my favorite tree…
I feel happy, though, because I was praised by my co-facilitators (of the camp which I attended) that I have an eye for photography. Such inspiring words. Hehe.

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