>Day 11 — Letter to A Deceased person you wish you could talk to

>Dear Lolo,

I don’t know you very well because I didn’t grow up to be near you, but I’m  very proud of you. I know from my mother and from other people that you are a very principled man, a man of good leadership and a man of integrity. I got to witness you face a lot turmoils in politics, but you faced them courageously. Despite the difficulty dealing with your rivals and despite how dirty politics could be, you always deal it with cleanliness and with all honesty. You never stooped low to their level.

During the time before your accident which complications later on led to your death, you were a very healthy and sociable man. But I wasn’t able to talk to you. I didn’t really have the chance to be your granddaughter and perhaps, I had not given you the chance to act as my grandfather. If you were still alive now, I would’ve talked to you about politics since just recently, I had been interested in that matter.

During the day we laid you to the ground, I cried so much. It was weird thinking about it now, because we weren’t really that close. But I cried. It was maybe because you never got the chance to see me as I am now, and be proud of me for what I have accomplished. I cried because I know that we will never have a chance to get to know each other more.

I know that you are in God’s hands right now. I am proud of you, my grandfather.



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