>Dan and Blair: the Pair Up


Dan: I’ve been walking around the city all night with one all-consuming, paralyzing thought.
Blair: “Why am I walking around the city when I live in Brooklyn.”?
Dan: What if my dad and Dorota were right, what if there’s another reason we’re keeping us a secret?
Blair: Another reason like what?
Dan: Plausible deniability? Blair, we kept us a secret because we were afraid there was something more.

I had always been a ChAir fan (Chuck and Blair tandem). I enjoyed watching the poignant ‘I wont’ say I’m in love phase’, the dramatic, sometimes hilarious and most of the time thrilling cat and mouse chase in Season 2 and the transformation of philanderer Chuck Bass to the perfect ideal boyfriend. I was totally in love with their coupling. I don’t feel grossed out watching their love-making and I loved their exchange of powerful lines. At the end of Season 3, something I’d say a ‘tragedy’ happened. Damned Little J happened and I was so disheartened when Chuck and Blair drifted away from each other. Hopeful that they’d back together again in the new season, I was distraught upon the arrival of Reina, the heiress of the Bass’ Industries’ rival. Poor Blair and poor me were expectant that Blair and Chuck will get back together again. Unfortunately,Chuck fell for Reina in an attempt to win her heart and the Bass Industries.

I would have stopped watching Gossip Girl, if not for the unforeseeable spark between two unlikely couples: Blair and Dan. In the fourth season, there were hints that the two were going to hook up, but I guessed those were overlooked. Then, things started to get different between the two. They did not only team up to investigate Juliet and avenged for Serena; they started hanging out. They’d be watching movies together, not only once, not twice or thrice, but five time; they’d also be conversing about arts and literature. These two people: Brooklyn commoner boy and Upper East Side aristocratic girl weren’t really that different from each other. Aside from their common interest in literature, arts and films was their similarity in fate; both were two lost lonely souls; both yearning for company; both whose loves are lost to another. Serena was with Ben and Chuck with Reina.

It was funny to  me why both characters were so eager to conceal their budding friendship. Even if they had each other’s back and company and even if they had watched a movie not just once, but five times, they still refused to call each other friends. I thought, and perhaps they, too, thought that the reason they deny their friendship was they found it so unlikely for two opposite souls from the opposite side of New York City, with contradicting principles and beliefs would become buddies. Well, I was wrong and Dan and Blair were wrong, too. The reason they denied their friendship was that they were afraid that there was something more to it–possibly an inescapable attraction to each other. Dan had said to Blair in the seventeenth episode, just before the clinching kiss, Plausible deniability? Blair, we kept us a secret because we were afraid there was something more.” Then, they kissed… I don’t know how both reacted afterwards (we have to stay tune for the next episode this coming 18th of April), but I know that there was Fireworks.

I can’t wait for the 18th episode this coming April 18. I wonder if the two will come out of the closet.
I feel bad for Chuck, though, because now, he realizes Blair’s importance to him, when
he’s been neglecting her for Reina. Well, it serves him right, right?
You’ll never know the importance of someone unless you lose them, right?

Maybe, I have fallen out of love with the Chuck and Blair tandem and have fallen in love with Dan and Blair pair. A part of me still wants Chuck and Blair back together, because undeniably, the chemistry between them is just so addictive and I don’t think it’s that easy to forget about what they’d been through together. In the previous seasons, the Chuck and Blair pair was the only reason I stay tune to Gossip Girl despite my dislike for the insignificance or annoyance of the other characters (I hated how Nate, as if he were perfect, easily falls out of love with a girl when he discovers a little flaw in her; how Jenny is such a social climber, how Vanessa is just so irrelevant to the plot and how Serena flocks from one guy to another.) .BUT… It was with the Dan and Blair pair up that I could relate to because of my ridiculous affliction to this person that I was very unlikely to fall for.

Let’s just say we were both like Dan and Blair, disregarding the characteristics of the two. He isn’t a goody-goody poetic guy like Dan and I’m not Machiavellian and manipulative like Blair. But we were South and North, hot and cold, Brooklyn and Manhattan: a total opposite of each other, and he was the total opposite of my ideal guy, but then inevitably and inexplicably, I was starting to like him. I didn’t think he felt the same way, though, but even if it was one-sided, I was feeling like Blair and Dan. Before I discovered I had feelings for him, I had denied our closeness to each other and had strongly objected when people teased us together. When I started to feel something for him, I was still in impeccable refutation.

And even up to now, that I have admitted to myself that I feel something more for him, a fraction of myself is still denying the plausibility. Hence, Plausible Deniability, as Dan and Blair had said about each other.

However Gossip Girl will end. Whether it be Chuck or Dan for Blair, I’m going to be fine with it. I don’t care about Serena or Nate or Vanessa or Jenny. I just couldn’t wait for the development of this new love triangle.

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