>Plagues of Being a Woman


Plagued Number 1: Red Ocean
               Having your monthly period is a hassle and big disturbance. Sometimes, it turns your pleasant day  around. PMSing makes you very irritable and the next thing you know, you’re throwing daggers and grenades at people for such very petty reasons. Your hormones gives you bipolar symptoms: one minute you’re bubbly and so chatty and the next, you’re crying for no plausible reason.
Plagued Number 2: 9-month Protuberance
               Were there times you question God, why women have to carry the 9-month bundle of joy and consternation? Why not men get the protruding bellies? Why not men who are physically stronger than women carry the baby for 9 months? Why not men experience labor pains? Why not men get pregnant? Being a woman is difficult in itself, but the difficulty heightens when a woman turns into a mother.
Plagued Number 3: Double Standard Morality
               Women in some parts of the world are being neglected, being treated like slaves or vessels for men’s carnal requirements. Women in some parts of the world are being deprived of some jobs. Some are forced into staying at home and doing household chores.
The Mara Clara way: Wait to be wooed and if not, move on
Plagued Number 4: Pent-up Emotions and Restricted Confessions
               It’s a different story for other countries, but in the Philippines, women are taught the Maria Clara way of courtship: wait or move on. When you like this guy, you can’t do anything but wait until he notices you or if he doesn’t you just have to move on. In the Philippines, it is considered taboo for a girl to confess to the guy she likes or to make the first move. Though, it’s already the 21st century, and it is kind of accepted for a girl to speak up and make the move, some or maybe most stay traditional and the girls who freely expresses themselves are frowned upon.
Plagued Number 5: Creative Imagination leading to False Assumption
               What I know is common affliction to girls is their creative imagination. Most girls fantasize so easily on the guy they like. Most of them are easily carried away by a guy’s little gesture or a simple sweet noting. Most interpret a guy’s action base on one’s imagination and not base on facts.  This in turn, result to false postulation that maybe one’s love is/will be reciprocated. Sometimes, these assumptions are true due to a woman’s impeccable intuition, but sometimes these assumptions are fallacious. This false assumption is concluded by heartbreak.
It’s just a friendly phone call from him, but you give a new meaning to it.
Plagued Number 6: Auditory susceptibility to Flattery
               Girls are so easily dissuaded by sweet conversations, compliments and little flirtatious remarks. My friend had told me that we, girls are suckers for sweet talkers, and it’s quite true. A lot of girls are victims of the philandering ways of playboys whose promises are as sweet as ‘I will give you the moon,’ or ‘I will bring you the stars’. Impossible as those maybe, we girls still fall for them. We girls loved listening to Westlife or 98 degrees or at the moment to Bruno Mars when he sang ‘Girl you’re amazing, just the way you are.’ So as they say, Women fall in love with their ears, whereas men fall in love with their eyes. 

3 thoughts on “>Plagues of Being a Woman

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  2. >haha. that's an interesting word play: Plague. If we women are plague though, that's too bad for men cause that means we're deadly :)But yeah, we've been fighting for equality since times knows when but till now we still suffer that occasional double standard-thing. Oh well, at least we've proven it time and again that men can't live with out us. ^^

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