>Bruno Mars Doowops and Hooligans Concert: A Blast but a Bummer


Bruno Mars was the first ever International Artist that isn’t born on my parent’s generation that has come here to Cebu.  He was the first International youthful experience to us Cebuano teenagers.

First of all, I’d like to congratulate Mr. Bruno Mars for a job well done. He was perfect: great vocals, powerful performance, good audience impact and unique and individualized never-been-heard-before ad libs and musical rearrangements. I was awestruck by his renditions of The Other Side. Despite the absence of Travis McCoy and B.O.B., he managed to make ‘Billionaire’ and ‘Nothin’ on You’ sound way better than how the original. When he was singing about Filipina girls, I had no idea it was just an introduction of ‘Nothin on You’, so when he sang the lines, ‘Beautiful girls, all over the world…’ excitement rushed all over my veins. I screamed with the crowd and didn’t care that I was deafening my friend’s brother when I recognized that ‘Mary You’. I so loved that song even before it was popularized even more by Glee. When ‘The Lazy Song’ was sung, I was animatedly telling everyone in my row that this was theme song for the summer.

When he went to grab a ukulele, I didn’t expect that he would sing ‘Count on Me’. I really love this song, because I sort of think of it as my theme song to my friends. During the chorus of the song, I texted my friend Kate, who was somewhere below in the GOLD seats. I repeated Bruno Mars’s lines: “You can count on me like 123. I’ll be there.”

The highlight of the concert, I believed was when Bruno Mars finally sang his hit songs: Grenade and Just the Way You Are. He reserved the bests for last. When he started with, “Easy come. Easy go.” Everyone recognized the song immediately. Everybody, including me of course, screamed because we had to, in order for us to keep our sanity with the rush of excitement we were feeling. Grenade, over the couple of months that I’ve listened to it over and over again, was a song I was starting to grow tired of, but, the Bruno Mars’s ad libs; the new tempo and rearrangements made me fall in love with Grenade all over again.

When he said he was going to sing his last song, I was like, “What the heck? Last song already? He’s gotta be kidding me.” They started playing those familiar notes–Oh! Those piano keys that make me and the other girls melt. And that one and only soulful and romantic voice that swoons us ladies and sends chills down our spines. “Oh her eyes, her eyes makes stars look like they’re not shining…” I screamed on the top of my lungs, my loudest in this one; I swear I almost pop a vein there, but my scream was not loud enough because everyone was screaming in the way I did.

It was like an anticlimax. I was feeling so blissful that I’ve heard the one and only Bruno Mars sing one of my favorite love songs and he suddenly concludes the concert. I checked my time. It was still past 10 and I expected the concert to last long. I expected Bruno Mars to sing more songs. He hadn’t even sung my favorite ballads yet: Move on and Who Is. He had not sung Lost, too or Today My Life Begins (which was from another album, but still…) And what about ‘Again’? or ‘Voices in My Head’? While everyone was demanding more or for an encore, I was dumbstruck. I can’t believe it was finish or almost finish.

 The loud cheers of the crowd brought Bruno Mars back to the stage again and he performed his encore, ‘Runaway Baby’. He even danced and looked so adorable prancing with Phil and his guitarist. For a moment there, I forgot that disappointment.

When the concert was over, I was still in a state of bewilderment. I wanted more! I was still hungry for more! I wasn’t satisfied at all. It was such a blast, really; it felt like a dream come true. I enjoyed so much;  Bruno Mars was hot as fire. He was on a roll. He was perfect up there on stage, but I am not satisfied, not at all. I felt that the concert was too short.

I won’t lie and tell you that it was the best night of my teenage years; that it was the fulfillment of my dreams; that it was the best concert ever. I’m sorry to say that although I had a blast and a hell of a good time, I was disappointed because it did not quite exceed my expectations and…MY OTHER FAVORITE BRUNO MARS SONGS WEREN’T SUNG. 

But I guess, that’s okay. Bruno Mars said he’ll be coming back anyway. I just hope he keeps his promise. I just hope that the next time he comes back, he’s going to sing more songs. (Maybe 20? Hehehe)

Long live Bruno Mars! I salute the success of your concert. Hoping for more to come.


6 thoughts on “>Bruno Mars Doowops and Hooligans Concert: A Blast but a Bummer

  1. >haha. we will request that from Bruno next time. lol. FC? :)By the way, would mind if I copy some of your pics? I'm compiling some Bruno Mars photos. Hope that's ok. 🙂

  2. >Actually it was a concert tour. He's not supposed to perform those songs. He played all (I think)in the album Doo-woops and Hooligans. BTW: I WAS RIGHT!!!! I TOLD YOU SOOO!! The last song was just the way you are

  3. >I think you had a better seat than I did. Not that I sat all night, I was standing all through out! lol. Yes, it was a good night and was feeling a little bit hanging since he did not sing some songs I hoped he did. But I guess since this is his Doo Wops and Hooligans Album tour, it's understandable that he did not sing those song you've mentioned. I love Who is too! I hope he'll get to sing those the next time he'd be back here. I'll make sure i'm in V.I.P. area this time. haha

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