I Used to be a Skillful Writer!

>Argh! I had just come across an old blog of mine, a blog that I had been actively updating two or three years ago when I was in my 3rd Year of High School. The stuffs I’ve written there are mainly about my Kpop and DBSK obsession, which I had gotten over with when the boy band DBSK disbanded or broke up. I read my blog, not that I was interested with the posts as I was before, but I read to check my English. Reading my ex-blog was like seeing a ghost of the past. It was like reminding myself of how I used to be this impish and K-pop obsessive girl, who, apparently, could write really well. Perhaps, even better than now. I liked how I constructed my sentences then. I liked how witty and funny I sounded. I liked the way I used very articulate and expressie words. Horror struck me like lightning. In my opinion, my writing was better before than it is now. Which could only mean my skills, due to the lack of practice, has deteriorated. NOOOOO!

Here was my old blog. Hahaha. It’s still existing. Guess what? This blog has had over 20,000 views. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? I don’t think that this new blog of mine could top that. Hahaha! The Kpop fever is really just something. Here’s the link to my old blog, by the way:   http://jamfanatiq.wordpress.com/
Link to my King of Hearts fanfic: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/jam_023/

When I was fifteen, I had written the most heartrending, powerful and worth publishing fanfiction. It was of course a product of my obsession with Kpop as the main character was a fictional girl and Onew, of the Kpop boyband SHINee. Basically, the story was inspired by the Korean movie, “A Millionaire’s First Love”, which was like “A Walk to Remember” except that the female protagonist died of a heart disease and not cancer. My story was entitled “King of Hearts” and the roles were reversed. It was the female protagonist who was the bitch and the spoiled brat. She fell in love with Onew, a strange but very amicable guy. However, Onew suffered a bad case of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Modesty aside, my story was a hit in winglin. I had about twenty or so comments on my Winglin page a day and very faithful subscribers.

Aawh.. As I am narrating my story base from my memory, I am overcome by nostalgia. I remember how I used to make extensive research on Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy to make my story very plausible. I felt like a very good writer doing so. 
Now, I’m trying to write something, an original story this time, but I can’t seem to finish it or even start it. I have the plot in mind, but I can’t put them in to words as I have put the words too well in “King of Hearts”  I had lost my touch. (Nooo!)
What I was supposed to write was my very own ‘fictionalized’ love story. This is based on reality this time, but I couldn’t quite arrange the images in my mind to place them into words.
Aaaargh! I used to be a very skillful fictional writer. What happened to me now? What can I do to bring my old creativity back?

One thought on “I Used to be a Skillful Writer!

  1. >make that over 20,001 views since I've just visited it. :DOh your writing prowess will definitely come back. I think there are just times we tend to write "better" if the subject at hand is something we can relate the most. Like in your case, this Kpop band for sure captivated your heart that you want to talk about them all the time. For me, I write best if I'm heart-broken. Haha.Anyway, just don't pressure yourself. Before you know it, you'd find yourself in some pensive mood and you'll just type yourself away. 😀

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