>Pre-Bruno Mars Concert: The Long Wait

>Rendezvous was in Waterfront Hotel at 4pm sharp. My friends and I knew that the concert was going to start at 8pm, but we anticipated a long queue of youthful Bruno Mars fandom, so we decided to meet up early. And then, I was running late because of my sister’s drama. She ignored the fact that the rendezvous was at 4pm. I suggested we eat at McDo, just to be really quick, but she insisted on Moon Cafe. I had a choice to order at McDonald’s, have a quick meal and speed off to Waterfront ahead of her, but I had to admit that I also wanted to eat at Moon Cafe.

Anyway, I was still mad at my sister for snarling at me when I told her we had to be there at Waterfront immediately because my friends had already arrived. And my mood was destroyed… My bad mood was, thankfully, uplifted from me by my friends, when I met them later and heard their bubbly stories of their summer. (And I ignored my sister the whole time. Ha!)

Cagwin’s stories never fail to amuse me.

Bea, Nicole and Cagwin were worried of being under-dressed. While they were in their casual attires, they couldn’t help envying those in sparkling and stylish cocktails and dresses. We were given quite a surprise when Darrel arrived dressed with effort.

Darrel arrived and shocked us with her cowgirl attire, as I have put it or ‘job interview’ attire, as Cagwin put it.
I wonder where she parked her horse. Hahaha.

My friends, unlike me, had taken out orders via Darrel from KFC for dinner. They were there in Waterfront early just to line up, so they had to sacrifice by eating a quick meal while squatting on the carpeted floor outside the ballroom hall.

Cagwin was talking a hundred words a minute even while devouring KFC Snackbox.
Cagwin quoted Mangubat that the reason I have so many stolen shots of her is that she never avoids the camera even if she knows very well I was aiming for her, and even when she’s talking and doing something embarrassing she never evades my shots.
Well, I couldn’t disagree with that, Mangubz.

Okay, the line was very long…

We are all smiles in this picture but in reality, we were getting tired and impatient of waiting.
See? We were really tired, so we squatted on the floor to reserve our energy for later.

The concert, I think began past 8pm. It was started by the opening act of Michael Copon, who’s a real hottie. He’s not new to me because I’ve seen him in Bring It On 4: In It to Win It as Penn, but I guess he’s kind of new to the music industry. He’s half Filipino and really handsome. I think the girls that night were enchanted to meet him.

For a starter, he’s quite charming. But the crowd were hungry for Bruno Mars. I would have to admit that my excitement intensified when he sang his last song (Argh! I forgot the title, but I liked that song because the piano intro reminded me of a Stevie Hoang song)
When he got off the stage, the whole crowd was so excited. Yet again, we had to wait a couple more minutes that was so excruciating that it felt like hours. People from below gave us false hopes when they suddenly screamed excitedly. We thought it was because it was finally starting and that Bruno Mars was finally ready to perform, but it was just a false alarm.

Oooh. I hate long waits. I got impatient but I convinced myself that patience always gives us its reward. And the reward for our patience were good seats and the whole beautiful and unforgettable Bruno Mars experience.

*The whole concert experienced will be separated in another blog post.


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