To Sophie


Dear Sophie,

I wanted to write you a letter that can make you cry, but when I think of you, you were always that strong and independent and hundred-words-per-minute woman. You show such a tough facade and you strike with iron fist.

I wanted to write you a letter that’s so touching you’ll run to your Mangubat and cry, but when I think of anything to write, I can’t compose anything but something to make fun of you.

I like to tease you about having such giftedness with you know what I mean (winks). I like to tease the way you speak so rapidly that it is I who felt like running out of breath just listening to you. I like to take stolen shots of you and post them on FB and tag Mangubat. I like listening to your funny love story. It reminds me of a Koreanovela.

My memories of you are fun and refreshing and I’m glad to have gotten to know you better even if it’s just a few weeks.

Although, there is something I have to confess. I didn’t like you before. I was intimidated by you. I thought you were maldita, (although I think that trait is innately you), and so sophisticated that I didn’t want myself involved with you. But I was wrong. Although I could not change the fact that you are ‘maldita’, when I got to know you better, I discovered your good traits and I have grown fond of you. I simply admire your cunningness, your strong sense of judgement and decisiveness. I admire you for standing up strongly for what you believe in despite that so many oppositions and maltreatment. You held your chin up high to show them you weren’t affected.

I want you to know that  I am so happy that even for awhile, and I hope not just for awhile but for a long time, we are and will be friends–close friends.

Take care of Mangubat. I know you love him and he loves you, too, so don’t make a foolish mistake and let each other go.  (Yucks, kacheesy atu paminawun uie. Mura kog mama jud nimu.)



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