>Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon: Zipline, A First time for Darrel and Miko


The plan was so last minute. I had group messaged my friends the first thing in the morning when I arrived from my daily jogging routine and after I found out that today was a holiday and probably schools and offices were close, so I need not go there.
Miko and Darrel, aside from an unsure Wendy replied to my group message. Even at short notice, I’m glad Miko and Darrel made it and they did not regret coming with me. On our way to Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon was hellish for us. We rode at the back seat of the pick up and had to endure getting scorched by the sun.
Me, Darrel and Miko
The fun began after lunch. We signed waivers and queued for the Zipline. The line was really long. They were serving guests 290-something while I, Darrel and Miko were numbers 352, 353 and 354 respectively. While waiting for our turn, we talked about some stuffs: including this particular secret that I only entrust to a few friends, Miko and Darrel included. (If ever you stumbled down or bit your tongue awhile ago, you probably were mentioned. Hahaha.)
We really didn’t mind waiting because we enjoyed having such conversation, but of course, we were exhilarated when finally, our numbers were called. It wasn’t my first time to ride a zipline,  but it was my first riding one that crosses a body of water. Whereas for Miko and Darrel, they were first timers: fresh to Ziplining.
The ride was back and forth: from the mainland to a small island 800 meters far away. Compared to the first Zipline I rode, this was more exciting.
Miko, Jiboy, Me and Darrel from Left to Right
Darrel was all smiles. The feel of the wind on you face, the saltiness in the air, the view of the sea and the island and the thrill and excitement was such a good feeling. Determined to get good shots of Darrel (but utterly failed due to my tremors), I wasn’t able to appreciate this as much as Darrel did. But it was still oh-so-good.
The blurriness is an evidence of my trembling hands. I couldn’t get a clear shot because like Darrel, I, too was riding the Zipline and I, too was shivering from the mixed feeling of excitement and fear.
Miko and Jiboy crossing the sea. Not visible here, but I know they were smiling as happily and excitedly as Darrel, too.
Axille and my sister going back to the other side
Pau, my sister’s classmate–I don’t know what happened to him, but he got stuck in the middle of the Zipline.
Hahaha. Someone had to go get him from where he is here in this pic. From the other side, we were laughing.
Darrel returns from the island to the Mainland.
Miko and Jiboy returning to the mainland
We were all thumbs up. Still a little bit shaken by the thrill (My knees were still trembling), but satisfied.
That was worth the bucks even for such a short period of time. I hope we could try it again.

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