Cogitating the Movie: A Crazy Little Thing Called Love


My curiosity for this movie was triggered when one of my classmates recommended it to me. Then one boring afternoon, I decided to watch its trailer on youtube and was immediately love-struck by the movie or maybe by Mario Maurer, hahaha, but I knew I was going to like the film, even if it was Thai. The night on that very same day, I watched the movie in parts in Youtube.

 ‘A Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ is based on a true story, everyone’s typical story of their first crush, first love and first heartbreak. It’s a bout Nam, an average-looking 14-year-old girl crushing on Chon, a senior. Nam does everything to get Chon’s attention, this including reading magazines and books to figure out the intricacies of love and transforming herself from an awkward ugly duckling to a graceful crush-worthy swan. Nam undergoes the stages of crushing someone which eventually leads to a love she thought was unrequited, which eventually leads her to hope for it to be reciprocated, which eventually leads to a heartbreak.
What makes the movie hilarious and at the same time heartrending is its ability to make you see yourself in Nam’s shoes or maybe in Teacher’s Inn’s shoes. You remember yourself crushing on this very exemplary guy who’s way out of your league, because he’s probably a senior, probably someone so talented, someone so smart and charming that a lot of girls are after him. He’s someone you’ve had a good conversation with and with a flicker of hope in your heart, you think to yourself how you might just have a chance with him. He’s someone that made you interested in Love articles online, made you read those magazine articles about crushes, articles that you’ve overlooked before.  Someone who makes your name sound way better when he says it than anybody else saying it. Someone who inspires you to do better in your endeavors. Someone you thought was so sweet to you, but you overlooked that he’s just like that with everybody else. Someone you hoped will look at you in the way you look at him. But someone, you realized, will never do that and in the end he’s someone you’ll never forget for breaking your heart. Well, I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but I’ve been.  
The movie was really entertaining and I classify it as one of my favorites. If there is one down side to the movie, it’s the ending. (Spoiler alert! Don’t read this paragraph if you don’t want to be spoiled.) I find the ending too good to be true, too fairytale-ish. Not that I’m cynical which I probably am because I truly envy Nam for having a happy ending where as I had not had mine yet or perhaps never will, but I would have preferred that Nam and Chon don’t end up together. I would have preferred if the ending was they go on their separate ways and Nam, after her heartbreak learns to move on. The story would have ended with a lesson to learn by all hopeless romantics out there who’s suffering a cruel plight called unrequited love. It would have taught us that sometimes, not all loves are reciprocated and that we just have to put aside that hurt, carry on with our lives and move on. It would have not spewed an absurd fantasy.

The movie culminates with their reunion years later, a scene that only aggravates the hopeless romantic in me. I don’t think this is healthy, though. Too much of that hope and you’ll get too much disappointment, too. That’s the very reason why I note to myself not to watch too much rom-coms, knowing that I’m such a sucker for it and that I’m easily dissuaded by its ideas. Hahaha. Anyway, that’s my opinion, my affliction and my dilemma. But if you’re a sucker for happy endings and fairytales which I have grown out, you’d probably be satisfied with the ending.

The lesson I learned from this romantic movie: Your first love and first heartbreak will change your life forever.  My first love story may not have a happy ending, but I will always think of it as a beautiful and enriching experience. It might have gotten me hurt at some points, but the joys of it are something that would make me want to do it all over again.


6 thoughts on “Cogitating the Movie: A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    • if he really does, then I’d marry that guy. hahaha.
      he’s uber perfect though, handsome, smart, talented, funny, chivalrous and sporty…. except with one flaw: he’s sort of very shy in showing his true feelings for the girl he likes. 😀

  1. >I wish I could transform the way she did, too. but that would really be a painful effort. u have to undergo so many sacrifices to be pretty. hahaha.

  2. >I too like this movie. I think the ending is just alright for me. 🙂 But you're right. It's feeding the hopeless romantic in us. But I'm really impress with Nam's transformation. It's amazing that only one actress portrayed the before and after part.

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