Cogitating the Movie: Just Go With It

>One word in all caps and BOLD: FANTASTIC!

I watched this movie on my laptop alone and got my mother wondering why the hell was I laughing. This movie was pretty damn hilarious and yes, I said damn because I can’t exponentiate the hilarity of the movie.

Okay, here’s the summary of the movie. (spoiler alert!) 

Danny Maccabee had suffered being heartbroken by his soon-to-be-wife on his wedding day 20 years ago. He discovered that he could actually get women to sleep with him by faking an unhappy marriage and getting these women’s sympathy. Then he meets Palmer, a 23-year-old teacher and thought to himself that she was the one he was going to marry. Only one problem: Palmer mistakes Danny to be married. To cover up for that, Danny claims he is a divorcée and asks his colleague Katherine to pretend to be his ex-wife and her children to pretend to be his own. And the rest of the story is for you to watch.

Palmer meets the made up Katherine/ex-wife
Danny being fake Daddy

 This movie is crazily funny. Hahaha. Did I mention already that this movie is funny? Oh, yes I did. Hahaha.

Okay. I’ll let it out now.






Okay, that was exaggerated..


After a bit of reflection of the movie, I felt like singing to Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong with Me’. And this person crosses my mind and I pop those bubbles before his face could materialize in my head.

Sometimes, you’re blinded by infatuation, physical attraction and a little sweet (probably flirtatious) moments that you fail to see that the person for you is just right beside you ALL ALONG! How you failed to notice that was because of how super close you are with each other–too close that you take each other for granted. But it’s actually with her you get to be yourself, that you get to loosen up, that you get to share all your problems, that you get to have fun, that you get to show your emotions… And all you have to do is to snap out of your trance and be really honest with yourself.

If I could rate this movie, it’s a 7.5 out of 10. The cast is great: Adam Sandler, Jen Aniston and even a little participation of Nicole Kidman, and again, I will mention: It’s really funny. But the plot is sort of made for entertainment and for laughs only. It does not leave a very big impression on me with moral lessons it could’ve passed on as did  3 Idiots which was equally funny. I have to ponder hard what moral lesson I could extract from this film. So, I think the film isn’t made for pondering, it’s made for laughs only.

Anyway, this is a movie I’d still highly recommend.. You need a dose of this movie’s humor, especially when you need a getaway.


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