Dark to Brunette

Okay, I’m proud to present to you my new hair color.

My black hair.

After a few magic up the hair stylists sleeves… Well, its not really magic. Just some concoction of a dye…  


This is me after!

I don’t have any interesting news aside from this. (This might not be even interesting at all.) I might be running out of “juice” or just busy getting my hair done.

See? My words are so limited right now. I can’t think of any flowering euphemisms to narrate the story of how my hair has come to be.


2 thoughts on “Dark to Brunette

  1. wow. where did you had your hair done? I’ve never tried having my hair colored before (except some spray dye that I had during our Cosplay party). I’m afraid to mess with my hair that much. haha. But I’m thinking about it.

    • got it at CoCo… it was supposed to be kind of a lighter brown, but my hair was dyed black before because i had a terrible tragedy with highlights so i dyed it black again and black was too strong for this new color so my hair turned auburn instead. haha

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