Ana @ 18 and 18 Pleasant Things that Happened that Day

1. A pleasant reunion with Dee. Dee and I are best friends but we rarely have a chance to hang out with each other. Celebrating Ana’s advance 18 brought Dee and I together again. She met me in Jollibee Gorordo and joined me for lunch while we exchange our stories.

2. Text from *******. Urgh… I know I shouldn’t fuss over having texted him because that’s typical, but the truth was I haven’t texted him for a couple of days  because I try not to. (I don’t know why in my friggin’ mind.) Anyway, yes, we texted for awhile. Big deal? Well, it’s not really something pleasant but it’s something? hahaha.

3. Meeting ****** coincidentally. It was so unexpected and when I turned around I just saw him coming up to me with a big smile plastered on his face. I was like, “Hi, long time no see.” and he asked me where Dee and I were going and I answered stammered, and Dee and I wave and said goodbye and as soon as we turned away from him, we were giggling. It was such a pleasant coincidence that I ran into him. In that moment, I knew that this day would be awesome and would just keep getting better. So pleasant.  hehehe

4. Reuniting with my old classmates. It was awkward at first but once the ice was broken, it felt just like before. It was pleasant seeing Irene and Steffi again, two of my old buddies I was very close with back in high school. It was also nice seeing Dominic and his grown brother, both a little bit taller than when I last met them. I also got to meet Yanessa, Abby and Ashlee again.

5.  A Pleasant chat about school life. Once Steffi, Irene and I started talking, we couldn’t stop. Hahaha. We talked about college: how our courses differ from one another, how college was so different from high school, how we were so fluent in English before, how teachers seem sadistic in college, etcetera.

6. Seeing Dee’s face stressed out.Hahaha. I just find this funny and in a pleasant way of course, because it was really nice seeing the effort she put into making this possible.

Stressed out? Take Stress tabs.

7. Ana’s tears of joy. She wasn’t expecting a big surprise. She was blindfolded and led by her best friend Sam to the venue while a Vitamin String D cover of ‘Just the Way You Are’ was played in the background. When her blindfold was removed, she burst into tears of joy. Who in the normal mind wouldn’t? It was a pleasant, a very very happy, pleasant–oops, I said that again, yes–a very pleasant surprise indeed. It’s a pre-debut celebration that I am sure Ana will never ever forget. 8. Warm-hearted messages from friends. What couldn’t be more pleasant than having to hear if not flattering things, but affectionate and sweet messages from friends? Couple it with a warm and tight embrace, too.

9. 18 Roses. Even if it wasn’t a formal party with girls in ball gowns and guys in suits and bows, it was still like a fairytale and Ana glowed with glee like a princess. Pleasant right? 10.  18 Treasures. It’s not just the pleasant presents that make it so nice, it’s also the thought and the stories behind each gift.

Ana receives a green flower pillow from a classmate for three reasons. 1) because of this incident wherein everyone in the class was fighting over a pillow. 2) because the pillow is shaped like a flower and flower symbolizes Ana and 3) because there was no more blue pillow available

11. Flashback. Honestly, I didn’t prepare a speech. When it was my turn to speak in front and give Ana an explanation of my gift, I found myself recalling the pleasant past and said nothing about my gift or the reason I bought it. Okay, I bought Ana a pouch, but I didn’t tell her that. Instead, I talked about the past, how we used to be very close to each other and how she was like my manager helping me enhance my drawing talents.

This is me recalling my fond memories with Ana instead of talking about why I got her a pouch for a gift.

12. Eggs+Flour+Icing. It’s messy for Ana and Dee and Sam who were the main organizers of the surprise, but it’s messy in a pleasant kind of way.

13. A Deeper and more Pleasant conversation with Irene and Steffi. Okay, enough about college examinations, terrifying teachers, allowances complaints and excruciating long breaks. It was time to talk about not what’s obviously mundane and typically college, but what’s IN college, which was you know, the kind of things we didn’t have back in high school, the species we, females do not understand and perhaps never will and the very same being whose presence and existence makes college way interesting than high school. It was such a pleasant encounter that we decided we three should hang out for coffee next time. 14. A pleasant picture with the birthday girl, a close friend of mine since Grade 2, my manager (hahaha) and someone who’s always going to be a part of my life. 15.  Getting a wet big hug! Okay, we were posing for the camera. As much as possible I tried not to get in contact with her because she was wet. Then out of the blue, she grabbed me and gave me one big and wet hug. Well, let me tell you, it was not a warm embrace. Not at all! Well, duh? It was cold because she was wet. It was kind of pleasant though, despite the sogginess.

Urgh... the hug so wet and cold!!!

16. Compressed like Sardines on our way home. With only one jeepney to take more than 20 people back to Cebu City, we compressed and as much as possible tried to occupy a little space. Some sat on another’s lap; others squatted on the floor, while some of the guys clung to the jeepney opening. Bless them and chivalry! You know, instances like this make me thankful for being a girl (even being plagued in some circumstances) and for having a sweet excuse of getting a better seat. 17. Conversation about cheese and paper.

This conversation was pleasant since it broke the ice among us and made us forget awhile the discomfort of being too compressed inside the vehicle and the awkwardness of being newly introduced to each other. I don’t remember the whole conversation, but it went kind of like this:

Earl: Do you like cheese?

Abby: Yes, I do.

Earl: Do you like mozzarella?

Abby: Yes. I like cheddar, too.

Earl turning to me: You like cheese?

Me: Wait, I’m trying to comprehend if you’re not putting a double meaning to cheese. What is cheese?

Abby: It’s a dairy product.

Or this conversation about paper.

Earl: Do you like paper?

Abby: Yes, I like paper.

Earl: What’s your favorite kind of paper?

Someone else: I like yellow pad.

Steffi: Do you like tissue paper.

Earl: Yes, I do. It’s very useful, especially when you need to go.

and then after a few lines about tissue paper and wet tissue paper, too…

Me: I like paper-roni. (referring to the pizza)

Earl: Hahaha. I like that.

18. Being part of the pleasant surprise! Of course! The best part of this day was being there for Ana even when she didn’t expect you to be there (I mean she would not expect anyone to be there because, duh, it was a surprise.) It was nice seeing that smile on her face, knowing that your presence is one of the many reasons that put that smile there.


11 thoughts on “Ana @ 18 and 18 Pleasant Things that Happened that Day

  1. THANK YOU SO SO SO SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! i really can’t thank you enough… this is so cute.. I love it.. and I so love that picture of us when I gave you that big wet hug.. your face was like WOAH! haha.. I love you, Jan! mwuah!

  2. HEEY I LIKE THIS. . .hahaha

    this is magz

    read some but not all. . .I like the idea of this kind of self-expression

  3. HAHAHAHA!… this is wayyy cool. makahilak man sad tag popcorn ani kay starring akung picture 🙂 THANKS JAM!

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