AJ Perez Dead @ 18

It was a glorious Palm Sunday. Well, maybe not that glorious anymore when my sister and I heard the news that AJ Perez, one of my celebrity crushes, died. Skeptical, we immediately consulted the net and confirmed the sad news: AJ Perez was dead @18 because of suffering from multiple head injuries following a car accident.

His warm smile was what put him in my Crush list.

According to the news, he  was on his way back to Manila from Dagupan after a show when his vehicle hit  a truck somewhere in Tarlac. He was rushed to the hospital but dead on arrival with multiple head injuries. According to initial reports, his death was confirmed about 12:20 AM.

The news took me by surprise. I didn’t know AJ Perez personally (I wished), and I wasn’t really a big fan of him either (just a little bit a fan of him). Well, I do have a little crush on him. It was sad knowing he was my age, that he could’ve become more popular in the future and maximize his potentials. He was still so young. He just turned 18 last February, had a feel of how it was to be finally an adult, probably had just gotten his driver license. He probably would’ve voted wisely on the next Philippine election and would’ve done more TV shows in the future. He could’ve become a top leading man or won a ‘best actor award’, could’ve met the girl of his dreams and married her in the future, could’ve been a good father. And a lot more would’ves and could’ves.

At such young age, it feels like death has cheated on him by stealing from him all the the opportunities of doing and experiencing the things he would’ve and could’ve. That’s what made his death so painful: its suddenness.

Well, everybody is bound to die sometime. It’s just that AJ’s death was too soon.

OHMAIGOSH! They kind of look alike.

It’s kind of a coincidence that a young and talented actor like AJ Perez died on a Holy Week (Palm Sunday) as Rico Yan also died on a Holy Week, too (Good Friday). Of course, Rico Yan was a more established actor than AJ, but it does not discredit the fact that both were my crushes, both having promising futures and both taking the whole country by surprise by a premature and unexpected death.
Rest in peace, AJ Perez… Your fans love you.


4 thoughts on “AJ Perez Dead @ 18

  1. the news got me by surprise too. AJ was such a cutie and he’s cebuano so it’s really sad:(

    PS great write up keep up the good work

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