Becoming a Photographer

I’ve been posting nothing but photographs for the past days and less words. Let me tell you what’s up: My knack for photography is at its height as is my knack for blogging. I don’t know what I’d call it. It’s like an epiphany of some sort. I knew I have skills for photography but I just didn’t believe in myself because I relied in the power of a good camera. My camera of course is not good enough: the fact that it isn’t a DLSR. Nevertheless, I could still make out good shots but have to enhance them with photoshop.

For the past days, I have lost the friggin’ words to come up with cogitations or soliloquies. I have even lost interest in my own love life. Hahaha. (which is a good thing I supposed because I think I’m finally learning to move on and go on in life without having someone to like) I have finally actualize busying myself without thinking about *** and his unreturned FB post or **** who I have not texted in awhile. . I’m busy on my own, studying DSLR models so I’d make the right choice in buying one. I’m busy on my own, informing my friends of my new hobby/pastime. I’m busy on my own becoming better than what I just found out I’m good at. In short words: I’m busy doing something way way way better than thinking of guys.

This is me getting my hands on a Nikon D3100, which Kuya Anton lent me. This shot was taken by my sister using my Sony Carl Zeiss.

Okay, as for my aspirations, these are the ten things I want to accomplish for this summer:

1. Decide which DSLR to buy. Canon or Nikon? Can’t decide… If you have suggestions, please enlighten me by commenting below.

2. Also buy an extended kit (maybe 18mm-200mm) together with the DSLR body which I have not decided yet.

3. Self-learn photography (maybe not miss an episode of that photography tutorial TV show in Studio 23 every Saturdays)

4. Attend Cebu Blogger’s camp on blogging which includes photography 101

5. buy also a tripod and reflector (but learn how to use a reflector first)

6. Learn the art of make up

7. Have a photoshoot with YMA friends (Biah, Izza and company) after my birthday and also a photoshoot with CDU friends, which is targeted this May 4.

8. Explore photshop more. Maybe upgrade to CS4

9.  Learn how to drive (This is useful in the future when I become a freelancer. A photographer needs to travel a lot to aim at picturesque sceneries. You need a car for traveling!)

10. Lose weight. Useful in case there is no available model but myself. I already got the height and the make up skills. I just need to have that body. Hehehe.

P.S.: Is it just me or is my blog too random?

Look at how it developed: I started blogging about events and happenings like the EPLC or the Emerging Pinoy Leaders Congress because initially I wanted to blog about social issues and concerns and then by March, I suddenly let out all my frustrations and emotions by writing personal blog posts (Yes, about my love life). Then, I posted amateur photos using my Sony Carl Zeiss out of boredom,  wrote movie reviews,  and unsent letters.

And now, I’m turning my blog into a photoblog? It looks like one now especially when my most recent posts are pictures. This time, though, the pictures I have taken  have nothing to do with boredom but more with a newfound passion and talent. Hahaha. I know. I know. My mind is a whirlwind. Maybe the next thing that’s going to happen is me turning this blog into a fashion blog or a self-help blog like How Not to Fall In Love. It really depends on the mechanism of my brain. Just be prepared for surprises. You never know (I don’t even know) what’s in store for you.  Hehehe.


2 thoughts on “Becoming a Photographer

  1. you’re attending the Cebu Blogger’s camp in Sacred Heart next month? I might attend it too 🙂

    I also like photography. But your shots are already great though you’re not using DSLR. But i hope I can buy one too before our company outing. 😀

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