Visita Inglesia

While other families spend the Holy week on lavish vacations in Boracay or out of the country, my family and I went to uphold the Lenten Tradition Visita Inglesia (Church Visits). We visited seven churches starting from Oslob church.

Oslob Church

This church was once burnt and the last time I visited this place, the interior was falling apart. A few years from my last visit, the interior of the church has been fixed and renovated. The ancient elegant facade combined with the fresh interior makes Oslob church a dream place to hold your wedding.

In front of the church is a plaza with great landscaping and a gazebo. It’s a pretty good get-away when you want to spend your afternoons gazing at the picturesque sight of the sea alone or with somebody.

2nd Stop

Boljoon is the third stop. It's a very old church and a famous heritage site.

The fourth stop is Sta Rosa de Lima Parish in Alcoy.

After Alcoy is Dalaguet, but we skipped it because we had visited it the day before and since we’d been there a lot. (My dad is a native to Dalaguet and every time we go to Dalaguet, the church is usually one of the places we’d visit.)

The fifth stop is St. Michael Archangel Parish in Argao.

The second to the last church was Nuestra Senyora del Pilar Parish in Sibonga

The last stop was St. Catherine Parish of Carcar

While visiting these churches is my own way of devotion and adoration to God on this Holy Week, it is also a nice traveling experience for me. I got the chance to marvel at the magnificence of our culture embodied by the preserved heritages and architectural structure of these churches.


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