Cogitating Gossip Girl Episodes 18

The 18th episode was full of Vanderwoodsen drama

It took almost a month or maybe more than a month of anticipation and waiting for Gossip Girl’s 18th episode. Before this was an episode  that ended with Dan and Blair’s kiss: the kiss that got every Gossip Girl viewers wondering how it turned out, the kiss that ignited the watchers’ excitement and the kiss that turned faithful ChAir fans to Dair fans. Since I saw the chemistry between these two unlikely to end up characters, I’ve been rooting for them. (see related post) They became the only reason why I’m hooked to the show. Nate and Raina, urgh, I don’t find their coupling at all interesting. Serena and Vanessa were nuisances to me. They add unnecessary drama to the show. And Chuck, he had been too obsessed with saving his business and with winning Raina back that I . It was Dair that made the show oh, so interesting. Personally, the eighteenth episode was a disappointment (Major Disappointment) We didn’t get to see so much Dair and the story revolved around the Vanderwoodsens drama. I wonder what the creators of Gossip Girl were thinking by putting us off with a family drama and an introduction of a new character: Charlie, instead of feeding us viewers of what we really want or expected: Dair moments and maybe confessions and revelations and a Chuck Bass in the picture to complicate the situation and add more tension. (A love triangle would be very, very nice.)

Introducing Charlie, Serena's estrange cousin. I don't think she'd be relevant to the plot, though. I don't know her too well yet, but I don't like her that much.

Okay, here’s what we got instead (aside from the Vanderwoodsen drama which I really cared less): Dan coming to the photoshoot to tell Blair how the kiss meant to him and Blair supposedly telling Chuck she wants to be with him. Chuck embarrassing Dan and Dan hearing from Blair that the kiss they shared didn’t mean the same to her as it meant to him. (Urgh, the expression Dan had on his face when he heard what he heard that totally wrenched my heart. He was disappointed and dejected as I was too. But honestly, I question Blair’s credibility. I don’t think the kiss made her realize she wanted to be with Chuck. I think she’s just scared of falling for Dan. Maybe, Chuck was just a scapegoat. But I don’t know…)

Dan's disappointment when Blair told Chuck that the kiss they shared made her realize she wanted to be with Chuck.

Dan smiles when Eric points out that he isn't repulsed by the idea that Blair was trying to raise his social status to make him seem more a suitable suitor.

The only thing I like about the episode was when Dan revealed to Eric what was bothering him and the latter kept on teasing Dan about it. I love the expression on Dan’s face when he realized that he was not at all appalled by Blair’s scheme (Dan thought that having to the photoshoot was Blair’s scheme to elevate his social status, when it was actually a prank Chuck played to embarrass him). Well, I liked that part because I was expecting Blair to reciprocate and realize that she and Dan were good for each other. I also liked the part when Chuck confronted Dan about Blair’s so-called life-changing kiss to which Dan replied, “With you, she was always caught up in schemes and takedowns. But that’s not really her. She’s intelligent, she’s intuitive. You know? She weeps when she watches Nights of Cabiria.”

Chuck: Did you notice her talking to anyone? Whoever she kissed seems to have had an effect. “Life-changing” were the words she used. Dan: Well a life-changing kiss might not be something you want to mess with. Chuck: What are you trying to say, Humphrey? Dan: With you, she was always caught up in schemes and takedowns. But that’s not really her. She’s intelligent, she’s intuitive. You know? She weeps when she watches Nights of Cabiria. Chuck: How do you know that? Dan: Uh… Serena told me. But listen, if Blair’s happy, I mean maybe you should let her be. Chuck: You care more about Blair’s happiness than I knew. Dan: Eh. Chuck: Thank you for your time.

Every second of the show, I was waiting for Dair to happen, but it did not. Bummer. Spoiler alert! Okay, maybe the creators are just teasing us. Instead of getting us what we want right away, they intended for us to wait longer. In the next episode, we get to see more Dair moments (watched the promo, yo!). Serena sends Charlie to spy on the two. She reveals to Blair’s Prince (Remember episode 1 of season 4?) that Dan and Blair had been secretly seeing each other for months.  (see the promo here)

Can't wait for Gossip Girl's 19th Episode: Pretty in Pink

You know what I realized? I realized that it’s not Blair I could relate to, but Dan: that moment when you refuse to admit to yourself you like this certain person, that moment when you find yourself smiling when people tease you about it, that moment when you’ve finally admitted it to yourself and that heart-wrenching moment when you hear that that someone want to be with another one, that moment when you try to bury your feelings and move on without ever letting him/her know. Dan Humphrey, I can so totally relate to you.


2 thoughts on “Cogitating Gossip Girl Episodes 18

  1. i haven’t watched even just an episode of Gossip Girl so I really can’t relate to any story you’ve mentioned. lol. But that’s Penn Badgley in the photos! I love him from Easy A.

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