Touring USC

Me, at the entrance of CAFA building. Look at that goofy smile on my face, an evidence of my excitement.

August 26, 2010— I went to USC (University of San Carlos) Talamban Campus to inquire about the requirements and methodologies of transferring and the requisites for vying for Dean’s Lister. But it wasn’t just a query I made, I rode a shuttle, walked a tiring path from CAFA to Pharma to CAS and toured around CAFA building and Johnn Hopkin’s building (Pharma Dept.).

It was way back in January when I had thought on shifting from Medical Technology to Architecture. It took weeks of discernment before I confirmed my shifting. Ironic that when I decided to leave, I was finally close with people whom I had not spoken to in the first semester. When I finally felt more at home with the people in my block, that was when I decided to leave. (Unfortunately… T.T)Β  It was a tough choice. But I had tried to weigh the options and I realized I feel more advantageous and passionate towards Architecture than Med Tech. I have skills and love for drawing that I couldn’t use in Med Tech and I have creative skills that would do good in Architecture. Yes, I am a bookworm and would find my medical course not difficult, but to not put my skills and innate talent to use is such a waste.

I had given up my dream to become a doctor, but that’s because I realized I need not that ‘Dr’ title to be accomplished, my true accomplishment is pursuing what I’m good at and passionate with. I love science and medicine since I my Biology days in 2nd year of high school, but I had been in love with drawing and design longer. (That was ever since I had my hand on a pencil.) Design was always in me. I loved playing the SIMS and building those houses and furnishing it rather than having my sims interact with each other. I love skimming through my father’s old magazines of Floridian houses and Victorian architecture and conjuring images of my dream house inside my mind. Yes, all along I loved architecture, but I forgot about that childhood passion.

With a firm belief that I’d do well in Architecture, I completed my clearance and filed for a TOR which I can get from CDU in May and inquired the steps for enrollment as a transferee. I found out that I still have to go to the Main campus and go back to CAFA to take the entrance exam. The enrollment for transferees is still on June 8-11.

My New Department. Still giggly with excitement.

This is the CAFA lobby. Upon entering the building, I was like, "Whoa". There's a mural over there and it was just cool. πŸ˜€

Future Drafting Classrooms- I'm so excited to sit on one of those desks and work on my plates. Hahaha.

I know now where I'm going to spend my breaks. I'd stay on this balcony with an overlooking view of trees and houses. The best part of this would-be stand-by area is the cool wind.

I’m so excited. I know I’m going to do well here. I just hope I’d meet good friends here, too. I’ll miss the people I’ll leave behind in CDU. Though we won’t graduate together, though I won’t be a Medical Technologist like them, I will still consider myself part of the MT family ( I hope they won’t disown me.) Β I hope that I will have time to visit them and tell vibrant stories of my life as a CAFA babe. Hahaha.


5 thoughts on “Touring USC

  1. Hi! Im johanna and im from shs hdj. I already took the test for architecture and the sad thing is i need 4 more points to pass in my math but my drawing and essay was totally good. Thank goodness, they told me i still have a chance through interview. My interview would still be like next week or next next week. What should i do? Or do you think i still have a chance to pass because the moment i went inside the school lobby, i knew this is the school i really wanna go to and mold my skills.

  2. wow. I’m not originally from Cebu but I heard USC is one of the best school here in the City. And looks like you have a great looking campus. Med Tech to Architecture. hmmm. They are SO related. lol

    on another note, between you and me, it’s good to see someone busy blogging. unfortunately yours truly can’t find time to doodle these days. anyway, God Bless on your new chosen career! πŸ™‚

  3. short lage ila drafting tables and chairs? T_T unfaiiiiir. you should see me trying to sit in our drafting rooms jam. HAHA so much for my height shortage. πŸ˜›

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