Rendezvous @ Ayala

August 27, 2011– Met with my College Classmates and did a lot of things from a casual photoshoot with experiments on the use of a car shade as substitute for reflector, went window shopping for God knows what reason, went to eat snacks at KFC and conversed for 3 hours that we swear the waiter was giving us nasty looks already for hanging out there for such a long time. I spent less than a hundred and had fun.

Our conversation–I actually don’t know where it was going, but we covered a lot. We talked about Dennis(why is he such a favorite topic?), school, life, college, first days and impressions. They teased me about shifting and made joking comments about excluding me from MT-A.

We also made lots and lots of plans like:

1) meet up on May 2 for practice for *ahem*

2) Tour USC on May 2 after/before practice

3) hit the beach God knows when

4) go to Papa Kit’s God knows when

5) play a prank on our classmates (hehehe) No details to be disclosed here

6) me to visit CDU on their first week of classes and bring Ken Chem Book and the barkada my Anatomy book for shared ownership

7)  them to visit me on a wash day.

8 ) Me cooking for my birthday

These were a lot of plans. Number 5 being the grandest. I/We just hope we could pull it off. Hahaha.  Not just number 5 but everything listed here.

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