ALEx Distributes Shoebox to Urgello Kids

Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence (ALEx) assisted Communitty Christian Fellowship (CCF)  as co-facilitators in conducting their three-day Catechism Program themed, ‘God Makes Me Stronger’ that was held on April 26-29, 2011. The beneficiaries of the program were children from Urgello ages 3 or 4 years old to preteen. On the third and last day, ALEx distributed the shoeboxes that arrived from Netherlands (cared of Sandra Pronk).  About 75 children received goods from our Dutch friends, wide smiles on their innocent faces when they opened their packages.

Bringing the shoeboxes to Urgello was not an easy task because the boxes were very heavy. (Too heavy that the maximum number of boxes I could carry was only three.)  To top that, it was scorching sizzling hot (thanks to me?). With the weight plus the heat, we’d surely culminate with EXHAUSTION, maybe even DEHYDRATION. But it was worth it because the feeling of fulfillment after you know and witness for yourself that you’ve made 75 children happy can compensate for the exhaustion and of course, water or a bottle of Coke Sakto can make up for dehydration.

Who wouldn’t feel compensated upon seeing these happy faces?


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