Day 15- Letter to Someone You Miss (Repost from To Kate)

*this is a repost. I had written the person I miss already an uncategorized letter. I’m too lazy to write another one, so here it is: My old letter to Kate.

Dear Kate,

How can two physically opposite beings have so similar qualities and interests?

I remember how we two became close to each other. We had this funny debate about which stature was more socially awkward. Yes indeed, you said that being short as you are, is socially difficult because it is you that gets to be lifted up during dance routines and I protested that while you are lifted up, it is we, huge ones, who do so much work and strain our muscles. You said that it’s difficult being short because you buy clothes at the Kid’s section and I protested that while that is socially awkward, it’s more awkward that my tall stature could fit only that of men’s clothing. You complain about high heels being so useless. Meanwhile, I could never wear such unless I like intimidating guys and children.

I don’t remember the arguments we had about our height differences, but you should know, that was one of our precious memories together that I’d always treasure in my heart.

I was touched by how much effort you put into decorating the scrapbook for me. I enjoyed the comic strips so much and the creativity. Honestly, while reading the comics you made, I was laughing until the last line when you said, “Kate, who loves her so much and is willing to be hugged by a lizard for Jam to come back”. I wonder can you really do that for me? Can you really face those two phobias: fear of hugs and lizards? Even if I could not fathom the idea of you allowing yourself to be hugged by a lizard, my eyes felt hot and I realized that I was trying to just hold back my tears in the fear that my eyeliner would smudge.

I know it’s really cheesy that I’m writing this and I’m not even complied to. I don’t know what got into my head that I’m writing you this letter. I just think I miss you and will miss you.

I will miss talking about our crushes, singing to songs I introduce to Bruno Mars tunes, helping each other with homework, going to church together and sometimes even arriving late there, praying in the chapel together, lining up for Tapa, talking about your issues with You-know-who, teasing Darrel, Wendy, Miko or Nicole, karaoke-ing, dancing randomly without music, imagining our first dates in Casa Verde, etcetera, etcetera.

There are so much memories I wish I could keep fresh forever. Though, I fear that in time, they will fade. They probably might, but I hope the friendship would not.

I’m not going to say I LOVE YOU, because you’ll rub that to my face and embarrass me by probably group messaging everybody about it. I’m not going to say I LOVE YOU because you’ll get big-headed and ‘feeler’. I won’t say I LOVE YOU because I don’t think you need more reminding.

God Bless You, Putotski…




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