Experimenting with Car Shades

A reflector is a useful tool in outdoor portrait photography to brighten the face that is concealed by the shadows.  It is used to reflect light to the subject (The face). However, reflectors, I think are a bit expensive. Maybe about 1K php plus.  So I thought of using something else to substitute it.

I read tutorials and watched videos online. I read in a site that a cardboard spray painted with gold, silver and white can be a good substitute. A white cloth and even a car shade would also do its purpose. I’ve got a free car shade from Shell and it’s unused. So I utilized that and tried for myself if it would work.

This is the car shade. If I become popular, I'm indebted to SHELL.

Here is the shot without the use of a reflector. The faces are concealed by shadows.

As you can see, comparing from the previous image, the faces here are illuminated. It's a proof that my car shade worked as substitute for reflector; however, I still have a hard time figuring the position of the reflector to get the perfect amount of illumination.


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