Trip to Bohol

I probably have the most mundane summer.While the rest of my classmates were hitting beaches and going out of town or abroad, I spent my summer at home: surfing the net (explains the blogging enthusiasm) and sleeping, or sometimes hitting the mall. I’ve gone out to the beach, but only to join a photoshoot. April 29, 2011–I finally get the vacation I think I so deserve after a strenuous year of Medical technology and mundaneness of being idle. My family are spending three days in Bohol. Right now, as I’m writing this, I’m in Alona Kew Beach Resort, enjoying the wifi services late at midnight. The first stop is the Blood Compact Shrine. It’s a bit cliché for me who’s been to Bohol four times in counting, but it’s always the first place every tourist visits since it’s the first landmark from the pier.  The Blood Compact Shrine is said to be the exact site where Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna performed the sanduguan to seal their friendship.

After some pictures taken, we proceeded to the next stop: Lunch at Loboc River…

Lunch was served in a floating restaurant with live band to entertain us and a delicious buffet meal to satisfy our hunger from the travel. The locals warmly welcomed us by rendering us a very nice presentation. Wiith broad smiles on their faces, they sang and danced Kuradang and Tinikling.

After lunch, we head out to Bohol’s most famous natural landmark: the Chocolate Hills, which is located in the heart of Carmen, Bohol. The Chocolate Hills consist of no more than 1260 hills with heights varying from 30 to 50 meters. We arrived there past noon when the sun was at its cruelest.

The third stop, and our last stop before we retire to our resort was Loboc’s latest zipline/cable car, which was I think in my opinion, the highlight of the day. It’s not my first time on a zipline, although zipline experiences for me always feel like  first times. It was a new place. It was probably going to be more blood-tingling an overwhelming than Papa Kit’s  Zipline because in this one, not only will you be crossing a body of water (Loboc River), you’re going to be suspended on your belly (Superman style, not the sit on the air style) more than a hundred meters from the ground.

I was flying in tandem with my cousin, BJ.

The experience was very overwhelming! On the first trip across the river, I was screaming from the top of my lungs–I was scared, at the same time very thrilled by the fun experience brought by the wind on my face, the splendid overlooking view below, the flips my stomach made and the fact that I felt like a bird on that moment.

But my day didn’t culminate yet, without night swimming and a splendid dinner by the sea (ate BBQ, one food I can never resist). I also enjoyed photographing a fire-dancer.

BBQ @ seaside...

The Fire Dancer--My first time using the low shutter speed mode. I thought only DSLRs can make use of this function, but my cam has actually this feature.

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