First Blood: I’m such a Noob

Out of boredom, I began to play DotA, otherwise known as Defense of the Ancient. My idea of myself learning the game, I quite label a Boy’s Thing began all as a joke. But when I expressed this idea to my cousins and his friends, they showed quite an interest in teaching me how to play the game. A few days later, I was in my cousin’s house, figuring out how to transfer the Warcraft folder from his PC to my laptop via wi-fi, and getting my first hands-on game with my usually very silent and aloof cousin as my teacher.

For  months since I’ve noticed how my guy friends go gaga over DotA, as if it were a new episode of Gossip Girl if they were me (Yes, that crazy!), I became curious of how the game works and why guys go crazy over it. Most of the guys, let’s say 8 out of 10 guys I know play DotA. They may be addicted or not, or really good or bad at it, but the denominator is that they play the game.

So what is it in this game that is just so addictive that even the fact that it’s a LAN game, and the fact that it’s quite limited if you compare it to online games such as Flyff? Well, I really don’t know. Except that one of my guy friends told me is that the fact behind the game addiction is men’s ego which persists them to try, try until they succeed.

So what is DotA?

DotA is a custom scenario of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or its expansion, Warcraft III: Frozen throne. It isn’t really the game itself, but it’s the scenario or the strategic map you get to play in Warcraft. The objective of the game is to destroy the opponents’ towers with your controlled Hero and a minion of AIs called creeps that my cousin said were very useful offensively and defensively. (I learned not to go before your creeps and to always stay right behind them in battle) There are two camps/bases in the game: The Sentinels, which my cousin calls the Manga camp, and the Scourges, which my cousin calls the ice cream camp since it’s located on ice, though I had never actually perpetrated the area yet.

Yesterday, I began my quest for the game. The hero I picked was Traxex, the ranger. I asked my cousin if I could use a ranger because I liked how ranger’s attack are long range. My first game or my first hands-on went quite well but that was because my cousin was beside me, directing me on what I should  do and teaching me what items to buy, etc. I died anyway and lost the game. My second game was with three other friends as allies, one AI teammate versus five AI set to insane. I’d say that this game was my first real game. I still used Traxex; I decided to stick with her until I know how to work her out. In this game, I destroyed two towers, maybe out of beginner’s luck, but for me, it was quite an achievement already, but I pawned nobody. It was my third game that I didn’t really like my performance. Darn, I was sucky. I must’ve died more than ten times. Again, I pawned no one and I destroyed zero tower. Sigh. I’m such a loser. Such a noob, too, which was why I named myself ‘noobQ’ in all the games.

But practice makes perfect. I’m going to practice until I finally master how to use Traxex, then when that happens, I’ll study another hero. I don’t actually hope to become really IMBA (imbalanced: which in DotA linggo meant really, really good), but I do hope I’d win a game on my own; I do hope of not always being the first blood, of destroying towers without dying, and pawning my opponents before getting pawned myself. (Yes, in the three games I played yesterday, I hadn’t pawned a single opponent. Such a loser, right?) I hope of going on a killing spree, not the victim but the inflicter of damage. I also hope of at least landing a place not last in the rankings.


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