Summer Girls

I’m a bit late blogging about this, because our Girls’ Outing happened last May 4, 2011, right after Nicole’s 18th birthday celebration. Forgive me for being hooked on DotA, which I began playing yesterday, so I wasn’t able to immediately blog about the fun summer getaway I had with my friends: Darrel, Sophie and Bea.

Last May 4, 2011, the girls and I went to Coco Palms Beach Resort in Danao Cebu, where there is a swimming pool and water park. Our plan was for me to shoot pictures of my friends in bikini (hahaha), but the photoshoot didn’t really happen because there were a lot of people. Beside our cottage, someone was celebrating her 2nd birthday. It would be quite embarrassing if the girls and I pretend that the folks didn’t exist and go on with our photoshoot as if I were a professional photographer (I even brought my homemade reflector) and my friends were professional models. Oh well, since we could not really conduct a photoshoot in a crowded area,  the fun didn’t stop.

Inevitably, we went swimming.

The pool for me was so kiddie. The deepest was 5 feet.  I was used to swimming in 6-8 feet deep pools in other resorts, so I was quite disappointed. I wanted to swim somewhere that’s deep and challenging, and I did get to, only not in the pool. We went swimming in the sea. I don’t know how deep the sea was then, but it was really deep (probably more than ten feet deep) and to make it really more challenging, the waves were big, too. But, we were fine because we were fastened to life jackets.  The challenge for me had nothing to do with fighting the waves or swimming in the deep, rather it was climbing on those inflatable banana boats. I could not carry myself (lack of workout and exercise? hehehe) and the boat was slippery, that when I tried to raise my leg, it slips out. But I didn’t give up (was on the verge of doing so), even when one of my foot  cramped up for awhile. My friends didn’t give up on me, too. With deliberate efforts of Darrel, Sophie and Bea, I was finally able to climb aboard.

But with deliberate and herculean efforts from my very supportive friends, I was able to go up the banana boat. Hahaha.

After that, we went swimming in the pool again. I attempted to do a butterfly stroke, which is difficult if you do not have good shoulder muscles. I made an attempt anyway, resulting a day later to very sore muscle pains. For two days, I woke up with them not yet gone.

I also did other weird or exaggerated swimming strokes just for laughs,

the Dog Paddle: s a simple swimming style characterized by the swimmer lying on his chest and moving his hands and legs alternately in a manner similar of how dogs swim. Note: Even our tongues are out. Truly a reminiscent of how a dog swims. hahaha.

Side-ways swim: Something I invented while trying to prove that swimming sideways is possible. Well, swimming sideways is possible, but that is if you have the correct positioning of the arms, legs and the torso. What I did here was off the record, so it was EPIC FAIL.

the Mermaid Swim: it's actually known as the Dolphin Kick. But I feel like a mermaid swimming this kind of stroke, so I prefer calling this the mermaid swim. Hahaha.

I really had fun with my friends. It was a wonderful day, although we came unprepared. I had so much laughs that day and so much fun. However, on the next day, my body was seriously very sore. It still aches until now.


No official photoshoot took place, but that didn’t hinder me from taking pictures of our Summer Girls Outing.

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