Why Am I Always in the Back?

I was recently tagged into this picture below…

I’ll give you a price if you can tell where I am, and what color of dress I’m wearing, but it seems difficult to spot me and impossible to tell me what color of dress I’m wearing (unless you’ve been to this party personally)  when the fact is my whole body is concealed but my head. Yes, you found me, I’m that girl at the topmost, trying to stretch my neck so long at least my face could be visible to the camera.

I actually stand about 5 foot nine tall. That height is pretty amazing and fine, when you’re living in the Netherlands and the average height of women is 5 foot 7 and men is 6 foot above, but when you’re in the Philippines, everyone, literally looks up to you. In the Philippines, the average height for women is five feet and for men is five-four.  The first impression I give people is the fact that I’m really tall. The first question strangers ask me is how tall I am. The first remark my parent’s’ friend say when my parents introduce me is, “Wow, you’re so tall’. Being complimented with my height sometimes feels good, but there are times I wish I was just a tad shorter.

First and foremost, I stand out like a sore thumb. Seriously, when I was in high school, I was the tallest person in the campus, with an exemption probably of a male teacher. During the flag ceremony, my head sticks out in the crowd.

Second, everyone around me is shorter than me, even guys my age. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the average height of Filipino men is 5-foot-four. So when I’m five inches taller than the norm, how much possibility do I have of dating a guy taller than me. I’m not saying that height matters in a relationship, it’s just not romantic when the girl is taller than the guy.

Third, I can’t wear heels. Crap! Shoes are supposed to be women’s best friends, that is if they cannot afford diamonds. Shoes are ultimate fashion weapons, but I tend not to give a damn about them because the feminine shoes (the ones with heels) do not exactly fit my feet(I’m a size ten and most of the time, the largest size is 9 for women), and if ever they fit, they’d still forbid me to wear them, because they could not stand me being taller than I already am.

Last but not the least, I always have to stoop down when taking pictures, or worse, stay behind and just stretch out my neck to be seen. The picture above isn’t the first time I’m behind everybody with my whole body covered and my head, the only thing that’s sticking out to fit in the picture.

I still have some more: 

My college barakada and I

Visiting Simala with college friends. I'm still behind everybody.

Even at camwhoring, I'm still behind everybody.

There I am again during our high school bas. Now I'm easy to spot because you know where I'm regulary positioned: at the back. Hahaha.


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