5th Day and Still First Blood

Is there anyone that’s worse than me? If there is, can we play DotA, so I’d win for the first time?

I’ve been playing DotA for like five days. Each game I play on my own, I set it to easy mode. Just yesterday, I started playing 1vs1, at first with a fellow noobie, but it was unfinished because we ran out of time and he had to leave (thankfully it was unfinished because I was on the losing end). The second time I played, I was against the AI, and still at the losing end. Still, I’m the first blood, even if it was set in the easy mode and set with a lot of handicaps. I almost drew the first blood, but my enemy was smarter than I am. He’d have always escaped in time, while I was lacking in experience, had little HP (because long range melees like Traxex have little HP compared to short range melees) and pretty much disoriented when it comes to the crunch. They say practice makes perfect, but I wonder if I could ever perfect Traxex. Hahaha. It’s not that I’m giving up already, because truthfully, DotA is so  fun  that it’s the water color of my back-again black and white mundane summer. I’m just apprehensive I’ll always be the first blood forever and darn, I really hate losing.

 I really could not make a kill. I wonder why. Yes, I’d kill creeps easily, but I’ve never made my speaker say, ‘monster  kill’. Never heard it say: ‘double kill’, except when it’s me who’s killed by my AI enemy. Maybe, there’s something wrong in me that I could not kill. Killing, you know, takes a lot of risks and perhaps, I am not aggressive enough on my enemies. I’m too fearful of getting pawned in the process, too. Or perhaps, I’m too good that it’s not in me to kill. I’ve played  Flyff, too, and I haven’t killed a single player, let alone won a PvP. Even players whose level were smaller than mine can easily beat me at PvP. Gosh, I so suck and did I mention I hate losing?


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