USC Tour Part 2

Today, I’m so tired and I’m freaking sleepy as I’m writing this post. A few hours ago, I had toured around USC-TC (University of San Carlos Talamban Campus) after finishing my entrance examinations.

This is CAFA, College of Architecture and Fine Arts. This is going to be my new campus. This isn't the nicest angle, but I had forgotten to take a shot of the facade.

Nice murals in the lobby of CAFA

I knew that USC-TC was big, but I had not realized how big it really is until I explored the campus on foot. I had lunch and after which, my best friend Dee and I decided to visit the butterfly garden. Yes, USC-TC has a butterfly sanctuary in the making. Awesome, isn’t it?  It’s not yet finished, though, but I’m still awed. This University has a lot of wonderful facilities in the making, like the stadium, library and nature trek. With these facilities in the future, I’m more than excited to go and study here.

In getting to the butterfly sanctuary, we had to walk really far to reach the place. Apparently, shuttles do not pass by the area.  When Dee said the sanctuary is far from where we were, I didn’t expect she meant, really far. Far as in to the point of me breathless and drained.

I didn't realize it was such a long trip going the butterfly sanctuary. I just had my lunch and I felt I burned it all out after walking from the CAS building to the sanctuary.

Gosh, it was freaking hot. (Duh? It was about 1 in the afternoon.)

When we reached the butterfly sanctuary, I was relieved. Woah. I made it that far on foot under the heat of an early afternoon sun.

 Dee and I stayed in the garden for hours, talking and experimenting on my new Nikon D3100, which I have not introduced to you, my dear readers yet. I bought the camera yesterday. I was so excited with this new gadget I had forgotten to blog about it. Hahaha.

Anyway, here are some of the shots I took with my new camera. The butterfly sanctuary was a good spot for taking random pictures. Butterflies and flowers are beautiful and natural subjects and are more photogenic than people.


Okay, I’m sleepy now. Maybe, I’m going to take a rest now.

Whew. I’m beat.

Sorry this post is not very articulate. Hahaha. I hope you forgive the tired one. 😀


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